Chanel handbag ordered from Saks, but not here yet..should I be worried?

  1. Hi ladies,

    Thanks for all ur help last week to finding my chanel medium black caviar flap bag...I ordered it at New York's Saks and they charged my card and mailed it to me, but my bag is not here yet. They charged it on 10/31/07 and today's 11/08/07 and not here yet. I tried to call the SA over there to track down the package and no ones' picking up. Should I be worried? What can i do?? thx
  2. Hopefully nothing is wrong maybe they are a tad backed up with all the sales and pre-increase shopping madness and your bag will arrive shortly....but if I was you I would keep calling until you get through.
  3. I agree, sometimes they don't ship it right away, and then the delivery can take time. I ordered a bag from Nordies once and it took over 2 weeks for it to get to me. Keep calling the store.
  4. Definitely keep calling. I ordered something last Friday and even though it was from a West Coast store (ie I was calling them during the morning their time) it did not get mailed out until Monday. With all of the activity, the purse may not have been mailed out for a day or so, but they should be able to get you the tracking info.
  5. thanks ladies. my SA called back finally and gave me the FEDEX tracking #...does any1 know how fedex works? how is it? does it require signautre? i'm afraid i won't be here..ths :smile: