Chanel Handbag* Identify this Bag First Time Buyer. Pic Attached!

  1. Hello,
    Need help gals..What is the name of this bag and model number? Is this bag still being sold? First time Chanel buyer needing your assistance...See Pic
    Thanks in Advance!
  2. It looks like the cloudy bundle bowler? i believe some ladies found the silver version on sale at NM pre-sale.
  3. chanelroundbowlingad.jpg IMG_1148.jpg
  4. I think the silver and white bowler that was on presale at NM is slightly different from the bag above. It wasn't the cloudy bundle.

    I bought the bag, and while similar, the quilting of the bag is different. Also, the bag is a little bit longer than the bag above.
  5. I've seen a variation of that bowler in stores recently. You should call around. Calfskin bowler? I don't know the name.