Chanel Handbag hanger


Aug 21, 2006
Is this the one you are talking about? It has embossed camellias. i bought it from Chanel outlet in was so funny because when I entered the boutique, the SAs were discussing and wondering what this thing was i told them it was a bag hanger and purchased

I had never used it though, because the hook is too short to accommodate to the thick bar wooden table of the restaurant I frequent and need the hanger most for. So, I just keep it as my collection, since it is so pretty and rare.

I actually spotted one at Brussels boutique in November. It was a very simple design of ceramic like rectangluar block about the size of my index finger. Half was white and half was black. It's not really a practical design I must say, with the hook part sticking out a lot. Lots of places sell much more compact design with the hook part that wraps around and those are much easier to carry around. And Chanel one doesn't even hold well! I could not hook my 226 to it for an example.

However, even with all that said, if I find one with camellia embossed (I believe they did this several years ago) somewhere, I would most likely buy it simply for the look. It's basically same design as the one I saw in Brussels but with camellia embossed all over, as in the style of camellia wallets. I noticed at least one tPFer has this. (I saw it at accessory reference thread about couple years ago.)



May 15, 2008
I use a purse hook often when eating out. Especially if there's no empty chair to put my purse on. I put my purse on the hook and hang it right next to my leg so that it's under the table & touching my leg. I don't like having my purse hanging on a chair behind me where I can't see it, & putting it on the ground grosses me out.
If you're considering one of these. I think the ones that lay flat like yours above are the best. The decorated part that sits on the table must be thin enough though to slip into the back pocket of your Chanel flap IMO. You shouldn't have to fiddle with your purse to dig out your purse hook from the inside and then hang it. That really draws attention LOL .
Having the hook in the back slit pocket makes it so effortless to pull out and use within a matter of seconds, plus being thin, it doesn't stretch out the back pocket. I recommend getting one of these things if you can't tell LOL :biggrin: Just try to find a thin one.


Dec 3, 2007
^^ How nice of you to show your pic here!

All Chanel purse hooks I've seen were basically the same design, with that rectangular weight part. I think the one I saw from accessory reference thread was black and white though. So now I know at least two tPFers have those purse hooks! How cool you got it from the outlet.


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Mar 20, 2007
oh i find the hanger edge is too short. cannot be used on other bags with thick handles? i prefer a "U" shape or "C" shape instead of "L" shape handle. i think its not so harsh on leather.


Jul 17, 2008
I'm not going to lie, I would look askance if I saw anyone using this. To hang a bag off the edge of a table? Say, in a restaurant? That just seems odd to me, both in terms of how it appears you value your possessions and the sheer audaciousness of the display. No offense intended. I just find these contraptions very curious. I wonder if I am the only one?

I have always wondered why people treat Chanel bags as anything other than what they are: largely massed produced goods that are fun, meant to be loved and used. Putting it on display on the corner of a table seems like something worthy of a statue, but not a handbag. It is, after all, just a purse. Mine goes on the floor with no problem. But then again, maybe some of you think that's gross!

Just a matter of differing tastes. ;)
Actually they are used quite extensively in 'good' reastaurants. In Paris and in London you see them all the time... In fact the Ledbury in London will provide you with one when you eat can hang your CHANEL your HERMES or your cool basket BAG :cool:

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Nov 20, 2011
No, I did not see that....does anyone have a picture to post?
Bonjour ladies, Yes I have an authentic Chanel handbag hook. The price was ridiculous. It is the one that to me looks like the bottle of nail polish. Some ladies say it looks like a tube of lipstick. I will post it next week sometime.
I actually have two different Chanel hooks.
But I will post the one everyone is dying to see.
Yes it was pricey but I love Chanel, and could afford it. It has also become a collectors item, these were very hard to get.

Au' revoir.:sunshine:
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Jan 10, 2007
Read all the comments in here, and am amused ^.^

I wouldn't mind a Chanel purse hook. I love Chanel and their bags, so it just seems like a natural extension, for me that is. Having said that though, I have 3 purse hooks given to me by a fun clothing boutique I used to frequent. They work just as well(or not, depending on the table's thickness), and are, well, free!

Regarding the "display of bags" and all that it implies...for me, it's more a matter of security than a display of status. I have an aunt who was dining at a posh hotel's restaurant, and she placed her bag on her chair, in between her back and the chair's backrest. As she leaned forward to reach for something across the table, someone grabbed her bag and by the time she turned to see what had happened, the thief(who presumably was scoping the place/her party out) had sprinted away past the entrance.


Dec 4, 2011
Bagalicous Land, USA
If I saw a purse hanger being used in at restaurant or out anywhere I would think it would be putting out an invitation to be swiped by a sprinter. (So I'm a cynic -- I lived in DC for a long time and D.C. like N.Y. there is no shortage of people who would steal your drawers, thong, if given half an opportunity.)
jmen, good point, someone may come by and swipe it away. I usually place it on a chair and if have, I'll place under the table with some paper underneath to keep it clean.
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