Chanel Handbag hanger

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  1. Did anyone see the handbag hanger in white Chanel logo? It's the kind that you can hang over the edge of the table when you're at the restaurant and you can dangle your bag over the hook of the hanger. It's $195 and I'm going to ask the sales associate if I can put myself on the list. I think it's part of the pre-fall accessories collection.
  2. No, I did not see that....does anyone have a picture to post?
  3. The Purse Hook brand is much less expensive...maybe $20.00 tops and really works. Seems kind of silly to me to buy a Chanel one, no offense intended!:yes:
  4. That's sounds interesting. Of course we can buy non-Chanel purse hangers for about $20... but I would love to see the Chanel one... !
  5. I have one of these not Chanel though,

    They area good idea but I seriously worry about it distorting the handles of my bag, and stretching them if your bag is heavy...

    Because it puts all the weight of your bag at one little metal point your handles (if they are leather) end up look like a upside down "V" shape....and it scares me!
  6. Aimee3 and I were thinking the same thing, at the same time. :smile:
  7. You have a point - then you would have to worry about your expensive bag and expensive bag hook.:rolleyes:

    Who needs to forget a $195.00 hook on the table....:wtf:

    Still like to see what a $195 hook looks like...hahaha.
  8. I saw this IRL at Chanel Wynn (Vegas). It was adorable - in the shape of a lipstick/gloss. So cute but way expensive for something that you could get for much cheaper. But I guess you could say that about almost all designer items!
  9. Hmmm it sounds very cute! I wouldnt buy it though but I would love to see a pic
  10. i never seen it. any pics?
  11. I didn't know they had Chanel handbag hooks! I would love to see a picture too.
  12. can't believe how much it costs!
  13. it must be cute but I'll put that $200 towards my next bag! what will they think of next?
  14. I have a cheapie one I bought off of ebay, and I've yet to use it haha. :P While I love pretty much anything Chanel, I wouldn't pay that price for a cute little handbag hook :sweatdrop:... I'd rather buy costume jewelry or put it towards a wallet/bag... I'd still love to see a picture though! :smile:
  15. oh I want one!!! when did u see at the wynn?