Chanel Handbag Chains - Please help a Newbie !


May 2, 2011
I'm planning on getting my first (not the last) Chanel. My questions on chains pertain to their comfort and tendency to slip.
1. The flap bags appear to come in the metal/leather chains, or the bijoux all metal chains. For a m/l or jumbo, what is the most comfortable, which stays on your shoulder the best?

2. Totes seem to come in an all metal/leather chain or the ones with a partial leather strap at the top of the chain. Again, I have questions on comfort and ability to stay on your shoulder.

I'd appreciate any and all help on this issue. I'm leaning on getting a tote and when there's weight in the bag, the straps are important. :smile: Thanks!

ALSO: Any great SA's in the Chicago area??
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Aug 19, 2008
Hi, my l and jumbo flaps stay nicely on my shoulder. Love them. I wanted to get a GST but having tried a good few times in the store, i didn't feel the love for the chains, they seem to slip off a lot. maybe just me, that's why i haven't bought a GST yet.

Hope this helps and GL !


Jun 4, 2008
I can't comment on the flaps. As far as the Totes, I've heard mixed reviewed for them from what the forums says. Some people say after a while the GST forms to your shoulder. When I was trying them on, the straps kept slipping, I would have to have one on top another. I bought the timeless cc tote and didn't like the leather in-between the metal. Another TPF suggested placing the leather on the inside of the bag and pull the straps up, it worked great. I personally like the metal straps, seems like they hold on better.


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Aug 29, 2010
I have both a flap and the GST. The GST will stay on your shoulder but you have to put the outer strap under the inner strap if that makes sense. The flap stays on the shoulder easier because you don't have to do anything with the straps.


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Nov 10, 2010
to me they serve different purposes. I have both the flap and GST. im more concerned of the hassle of the flap when i need to reach into my bag often. So a tote seems more useful in this scenrio.
for GST, I do what BagAddict4Ever do : outer strap under inner strap and it works fine for me. it's a great work bag for me, while jumbo is for shopping n dates :smile: