chanel half moon woc - burgundy or white?!!

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burgundy or white

  1. burgundy

  2. white

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. as above:smile:
    another qn: does the white dirty easily or have any probs such as color tfrs?
  2. I like both but personally I'd go for the burgundy because I'd be too scared that the white one gets dirty easily.
  3. burgundy
  4. burgundy~!
  5. Burgundy would be more durable. Imagine when u use it as a wallet, it will rub against other things in your bag. May have color transfer problem if the color is light. But frankly, both colors are gorgeous.
  6. Burgundy! I'm planning that as my next purchase!
  7. Burgundy is gorgeous and probably less likely to get dirty like white, but there is just something about the white I LOVE! Either way they are both so pretty.
  8. I'll go against the grain and vote WHITE! It's gorgeous!
  9. I vote white. Winter will be over soon and the white will be super cute with a sundress and flip flops! :biggrin:
  10. burgundy...white scares me!
  11. I voted burgundy, but I don't think the white is a "pure" white, I believe it is more of an off-white colour - so keep that in mind when you are deciding!
  12. I vote burgundy although i think white is gorgeous too. Either way, you're getting a fantastic WOC.
  13. I vote for Burgundy!
  14. burgundy
  15. i just ordered the white one and will get it on Monday!!! WOOOO!