Chanel HAIR bows

  1. Can anyone tell me about the bows Lagerfeld used for the runway on the models for spring '08? Are the models wearing bows made from their own hair, (which doesn't seem to be the case) or, hair clips using additional hair pieces, or what? Love this look with the side part.......any info would be great. Thanks!
  2. you can simply buy any black satin ribbons and tie them on your hair as a bow, with bobby pins to hold.
  3. Hello...thanks for your reply "ladydeluxe". The bows on the runway models holding their hair in ponytails at Chanel were not made out of satin ribbons. They clearly were made from hair! And, the "hair" bows matched to each models hair color too! As I previously stated, I think the look was quite fabulous, and would love to find out the stylist who did this show for Chanel spring '08. Better yet, does anyone know where to acquire these unique bows made out of hair? (I believe it was the RTW show).....thanks again!!
  4. ^ LOL OH sorry! i thought the bows from f/w '06 or something. eeps i misinterpreted!
  5. Is there Chanel hair pieces for sale?
  6. Why couldn't you purchase hair in your color or even a lighter shade and color it. Then using product to hold the hair together, form the bow and then lacquer it, so it hardens -- and then clip it in like a hair piece.

    For some fashion or hair shows balloons are blown up, the hair formed around them, sprayed with the firmest holding product. The balloons are popped and removed; the hair maintaining the pre-popped shape.

    Years ago I used real dreds that had been cut off. Washed them, bleached them, colored them and then pinned them into my hair and went clubbing. Be creative!!! Went to see the movie Brazil with my hair teased so high, I had to open the sun roof (in the rain) to be able to get to the theater. Thank heavens for umbrellas and sun roofs.
  7. My friend is a hairdresser and she went to a hair show where they had the models hair in all kinds of shapes. They used a product I want to say was called Tiger. You spray the hair with the product then mold it into shapes with a flat iron. The heat makes it stay in the shape. She used it on my hair to do a (MUCH) smaller version of the amy winehouse beehive. I can ask her the name if you're really interested...You'd probably still have to have a stylist do it for you though. I'm not sure you could get in the correct positions to do it on yourself. HTH!
  8. hey i just wanted to make sure the hair products called tiger right? :beach: