Chanel hair barrette

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  1. Hi all!

    In 2009 I went to LA from Australia I saw a cc black resin hair clip with crystals I loved it but was talked out of the purchase on rodeo drive as I'd only just begun my American adventures! Now once I arrived in NY I knew I wanted it but I couldn't get the piece anywhere there was only one & it was in LA! I called Australia none left there :sad:
    After years of sulking that I missed out on the seasonal item which I never saw anything similar all these years after & never saw one online ..
    I'm over the moon to say I found one on eBay meant to be id say from an ex chanel executive! In fab condition & authentic dreams do come true 7 years on I'm going to rock this hair clip!

    Thanks all ❤️

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  2. More pics

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  3. That is adorable! How amazing to have found it after all this time.
  4. 💕❤️

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  5. It means something to me with the story behind it there's those few purchases of seasonal items that got away so lucky to find on eBay persistence is key! Xx
  6. Congrats on finding this little beauty :heart:
  7. I love your barrette!!! What a great story too....Congrats & Enjoy :smile:
  8. I love hearing stories like this! It was definitely meant to be, although years in the making, it's a beautiful piece and I'm so glad you were finally able to find one. The clip looks very nice on you. I definitely think pieces with stories behind them mean more as well. Wear and enjoy in good health!
  9. It IS like LOVE STORY :heart: :hbeat:
    I love this kind of stories that encourage my search that got away as well.
    I can feel your very special excitement. Congratulation and don't let her go ever again ;)
  10. Yay!!! Gorgeous!!!
  11. that's so cute!
  12. That is such a cool hair barrette and so unique!!! thanks for sharing such a nice story too.
  13. Wow, I cannot believe you found it after all this time!! Congratulations. It looks absolutely wonderful on you
  14. Thanks all 😘
    It's amazing I've never seen one in the cc shape before so I'm happy I got it after all these years!
  15. Beautiful!