Chanel hair accesories

  1. I looked through the reference thread and did a search but no real luck in seeing if Chanel did a nice variety of hair accesories.

    Does Chanel do hairbands, hair ties, clips etc, does anyone have any photos? I thought it might be nice for my bridesmaids to wear them and to keep as a gift from myself and my beloved husband to be.
  2. They DO do hair accessories. They are not cheap.

    I'm on the waitlist for the head/hair bands from Cruise 2007/08. Retail will be $950.:wtf:
  3. Whoa!! For hair bands!! Any pics?
  4. $950...........oh my G G G god!
    Would love to see you modelling them when you get them :smile:
  5. I've seen them in red and orange, wanted to buy them but the price was ridiculous! I found myself buying a timeless clutch instead!
  6. I would love a chanel barret.
  7. the barettes are adorable.
  8. ^^ would love to see pics of the chanel hairbands too...

    which season are they from?
  9. Here is the black one being worn by Lindsay as a head band:


  10. These pics are small but all the models are wearing the hair/head bands.

  11. More hair accessories:

  12. I have 2 barrettes, circled at the bottom of the photo. I think they were around $250 each.
    Picture%20005 (3).JPG
  13. aprilvalentine, I love all your accessories, especially that charm bracelet. Nice stuff! :tup:
  14. Wow...gorgeous accessories. Love your collection. :tup:
  15. I got 2 hair cubes and 2 barrettes. If I have time, I will post a pic later.