Chanel GST

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  1. Hi ladies, I've decided I want to buy the GST. Would prefer black, but that's not 100 percent the selling point for me. How hard is it to find one of these bags? I've seen a few on eBay but I'd much rather buy one from NM, Bloomies, Chanel, ect.

    How do I go about finding my bag? :smile: Thank you SO much!!
  2. the silver one is harder to find than the gold, there was a frenzy over these bags a shortwhile ago, you will just need to call around for them, and let your SA know that you're interested, so the next one that comes in they can call you for it.
  3. The Charlotte NM had a black with silver hardward for $1750 last weekend. You could try there.
  4. I am returning mine to NM. It was $1650.00
  5. Call the Chanel 800# and they'll locate one for you. I see them in NM all the time.
  6. Saks in Tampa, Florida (Westshore Mall) - I saw one in Black with Silver H/W this afternoon.