Chanel GST, YSL Muse or YSL Downtown? Which one to get?

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  1. Which one do you like better and why??

    I want to get a new bag but I'm so undecided.

    I'm not even sure which YSL I like better... The muse is more like last seasons "it" bag but with a very classic look. The Downtown is more newer I guess and also hot.

    Chanel is of course always classic.

    I really don't know what to get. I was thinking either a Chanel GST in black (I also like beige, but black goes with more), as for the Muse I like it in white but I might consider black or chocolate cause white gets dirty too easily) and as for the Downtown I really don't know, I wouldn't mind it in either white (again the keeping the white clean would be a drawback) or patent black.

    YSL is having a sale in a few days so I think the Muse will be on sale, not the Downtowns I want though.

    I still don't know what I want... Can you let me know which one of these bags you prefer and why?

  2. All of the bags are great, and the bottom line is to get what you REALLY WANT, however, re: YSL, I think the Muse is a classic, (esp. in chocolate or black) the jury is still out on the downtown as far as I'm concerned.
  3. i think the chanel would be a great choice because it is classic and chic
  4. you should post photos, I think most of us need them. . . I have no idea what a downtown looks like or which Muse. . . .?
  5. i would vote for the chanel gst =D
  6. Sure..

    1. YSL Downtown Here is a pic of the Downtown in action on Jessica Biel


    here in patent black


    2. Pammy carrying white Ysl Muse (If I were to get a Muse I would want either a white or black.


    Here is another pic


    3. Chanel GST

  7. Chanel GST no question
  8. If it were up to me, I'd choose the Muse! I'm generally not a fan of structured bags, but for some reason I'm really drawn to the shape.

    Maybe not the gigantic one that Pam's carrying though...
  9. Muse or the Chanel.
  10. personally i would use a kind of bag like the downtown more.... it's more slouchy that the muse which is perfect IMO.
    but the GST is such a classic too
  11. chanel because it's classic.
  12. I agree, definitely the Chanel GST.
  13. I guess you're looking for big roomy bag, right?
    I would say Muse! In my opinion, of course Chanel is super, but not this style. Muse is the perfect bag! Downtowns are so popular now but few years later, I don't think so. No matter what muse is "ex it bag" still many years will be so hot! Its pretty comfortable bag, nice leather, goes with every outfit!
  14. Chanel is such a classic and you can never go wrong with it.
  15. I would go for a Muse or a Downtown. I'm a huge YSL fan.