Chanel GST XL 18 series sold in boutiques in 2016???

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  1. #1 Jun 19, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2016
    The bag that I bought yesterday was a chanel XL GST bag and the serial number is 18xxxxxx? Why do you think they're still selling bags like that this year? Is there a big possibility that the item is returned? No more stickers on the front and side and the feet just the inside. It's in Chanel Boutique in Canada. Can someone enlighten me? I paid full price and the item was made between 2013-2014 which is kinda old already? Isnt that kinda unfair? By the way it's good to note that I found an uneven stitching in the diamond at the back which kinda look a little odd but not so much according to my husband. But isnt there stitching should be perfectly symmetrical at all sides?

    Shall I return it or not?

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  2. If you love it and it is brand new who cares which season it is from. GST are a hot item as they are not currently sold in the U.S. If you love it keep it. The uneven stitch, only you can say if that issue bothers you enough to return it.
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  3. Have you seen my pics? Dont you think it's the dull caviar? And a little deformed on the side? Also less puffy. For you, would you buy it?
  4. Is this normal for new purchases? Tarnishing zippers?

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  5. I cannot tell if the zippers are tarnished from the pics. The shape of the bag looks fine to me. My GST settled, best word I can think of, at the bottom in a similar way. I can tell you that my GST is one of my more useful bags. Mine is the smaller size but it holds all of my essentials and I love the ease of getting my things in and out if it. I also think the GST is very pretty. My issue with your bag may be the size, from what I remember the XL GST is big. If you are not happy you should return it. If I were you I would think about it a couple days. Bags are pricey so every time I purchase one I have a couple days of feeling unsure about it.
  6. Actually what I really wanted is the GST but so sad there's none in canada anymore....
  7. Well said!

    Can't see clearly from pics for all the flaws

    Stores sell older inventory all the time depending on return vs what's found in storage

    OP's questions should be best answered by OP herself whether to keep!!!
  8. Do you think I can still find a brand new GST in the next months?
  9. I think the bag looks fine. I can't see the zipper clearly from the picture though. If you are not happy, why don't you ask the SA and clarify why they still have this bag. I would also ask them to look at the zipper and see what they have to say.If you are unhappy or have doubt and you have not used the bag yet, just return it.
  10. Another return or found in the back room is always possible

    But then you are going to ask the same question again (store selling older stock) since new ones are not sold in Canada and US. Chanel has pulled GST out of Europe as well like UK.

    If you are not happy just return it
  11. Do you think it looks big on me?

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  12. I haven't used the bag yet because Im still thinking if I should return it or not.
  13. Only keep it if you are 100% happy with it, if not the imperfections will drive u crazy!! Re: 18 series - doesnt matter what season it's from. It's more important if the leather from that season was known to be a good batch. Some of the older seasons had better leather than newer seasons and people are always trying to track down older season bags for this very reason. IMHO newer season does not necessarily mean better when you talk about Chanel
  14. As others have pointed out, older stocks do show up. Answers to your questions really depend on how you feel. The bag looks fine to me and I think it looks great on you. But personally, I prefer the GST over XL (but that's just me). GST is hard to find so if the concern is only that it's an older stock. I say keep it. But if the uneven stitching is bothering you, return it. If it bothers you now, it'll probably continue to bother you every time you carry this bag. And you can also try to get one on per-owned market.
  15. What could be the reason that they have old stocks? Do you think series 18 is a good batch?
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