Chanel GST vs LV Palermo PM

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  1. Hello ladies. I just want to make sure I am making the right decision here. I am giving up my LV Palermo PM in Monogram so I can buy a Chanel GST Black Caviar w/ GHW. Is it a good decision?

    I've heard about the GST straps falling off the shoulders but the Palermo's strap is not comfortable either. I do love the GST it's my HG bag. Any comments on this?
  2. As an owner of a LV Palermo and a Chanel PST, I hope that this qualifies me to make a comparison, I find that the LV is a more functional bag as it has shoulder straps so you can get your hands free if needed. In terms of weight, I think both gst and the Palermo are about the same. Palermo has a zipper so your items will not fall out but it may happen to the GST. However, GSTis a carefree bag and you can easily reach for your things and I love the handles on it especially if the hardware is gold. Now I'm not sure if I'm making you more confused..;)
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    I have both bags too so tell me if you need any comparision.
    I think that GST is better bag. Only if you want to carry a4 papers then Palermo PM will be better. GST looks more feminine and classy and more expensive (which it of course is), Palermo screams the brand LV too much. I just love the GST and use it a lot more often than Palermo. The middle zipper pocket is very handy for phone, wallet, keys etc and the other pockets hold water bottle, iPad, make-up pouch etc well. I also love the one outer pocket that can be used in so many ways. Chanel leather beats always monogram canvas!!
  4. I think it's a great decision! The GST is so classic and versatile. I agree that the lv Palermo screams the brand name. The Chanel is definitely more subtle. Go get your GST! :smile:
  5. Wow thanks for your replies!

    Charlotta yes please do a comparison pic for me pretty please. :smile: I was concerned about the weight as a lot were saying the GST is heavy. You've made me feel better then :smile:

  6. Comparison pics would b great! :smile:
  7. I don't have the GST yet. But, I LOVE this classic tote! I do have a PST, in beige/gold, which is great. Next tote is
    going to be the black caviar GST for me:smile:). I vote for the GST!
  8. Gst for sure!
  9. GST hands down! :smile:
  10. I have both too, I vote GST based on appearance and functionality.
  11. GST!! is on my wish list..
  12. GST for sure!!!
  13. GST for sure.

    Chanel price will not drop like LV =)
  14. Thank you ladies for reaffirming my decision! Presenting my new Chanel GST:

  15. Oh yes! Congratulations she is a beauty! You made the right decision, enjoy:yahoo: