chanel gst v. lv speedy empreinte

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which black bag is a must have?

  1. black gst

  2. speedy empreinte noir

  3. neither

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  1. Hey guys so a quick question
    i was all set to get the chanel gst as my black bag I usually tend to put off buying a black bag usually bc i gravitate toward color :smile:

    However with the upcoming speedy noir empreinte I'm confused once again

    both bags are great i suppose but with the looming price increase i must make a quick decision :smile:

    so if you could have one everyday black bag which would u choose ?!

  2. I'm biased, because I have a black GST and I love it!!!! It's so roomy and practical for every day use... you can fit in sooo much and it doesn't look too big on me although I'm just 5ft...
    Some have issues with the straps not staying on their shoulders, but if I put in all my stuff it's heavy enough so the straps stay on my shoulder

    I love the GST!!!
  3. I have a speedy and although I like it, I have a hard time finding things in it. It's like a pit. I just got a GST and I haven't used it yet, but I can tell that it will be easier to locate my phone, etc. ..In this bag.
  4. I am bias too! I have a few GSTs and speedys I have to admit I love my GSTs!!! They are very practical and simply stunning :smile: good luck with your choice !!!
  5. I have a black GST and don't use it. I'm going to sell it to fund my speedy empreinte in noir
  6. Since you already have the speedy b in canvas in your maybe go for the black gst this time...??
  7. I have both bags and i prefer my gst - much easier to see everything inside.
    The empreinte to me is a much more casual looking bag.
    Just depends on the look your going for.