Chanel GST, Totally DE or Empreinte?

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  1. Ok so very different bags and styles I know! However the older I get the less I want to lug my stuff around. This will be my last purchase for sometime and I want an everyday grab and go functional bag.

    I don't baby as such but I am mindful and take care of them. So here are my 3 choices can anyone help?

    Totally DE, I love the DE print and those deep side pockets are calling to the lazy in me, however for £800 is it worth it for canvas?

    Chanel GST, I don't own any Chanel I haven't ever really liked any of their bags until now. Love that it's leather, so durable and that it'll slouch over time, not a fan of very boxy bags.

    Empreinte speedy 30, just because! I love my artsy infi it's a favourite of mine I love the leather. But is it a practical grab bag for shopping?

    Thanks in advance for the help!
  2. I have had 2 gst's and never use them. Everything falls out handles are heavy and they look awful after a while. My friend has the XL gst and it IMO didn't wear well in the corners and no it can barley stand up and it's only 2 years old.
  3. I would get another Emp piece. I don't think I'll ever buy another LV canvas again. I just got a new noir artsy and love it. I also bought a mono métis in beginning of feb and have used it maybe 5 times because I love the Emp so much better
  4. I would say for what you are looking for the emp may be best. That being said, I would get the GST! I have one and love it. I wasn't a Chanel fan until recently and I must say I am loving the brand more and more...LV is still my first love though:smile:
  5. GST - it's a classic. I would've voted Empreinte but you already own something in that line, as far as the DE, I prefer leather over canvas.
    Good luck!
  6. Totally de is more practical among the three. Leather is heavy and the corners wear easily.

  7. +1

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  8. Emp speedy. I have the Chanel gst and it's an awful bag. It goes out of shape quickly, and just puddles.

    I haven't gotten a canvas bag in a while, but the increase in prices is even a big deterrent against purchasing any!

    I love empreinte. Good luck deciding!
  9. emp speedy!!!!
    i have the GST and it looks great for business meetings and stuff but not as multi function as the emp speedy imo
  10. I'd go with the Emp Speedy 30.
  11. I have a few GSTs and I can NOT get enough of them! They are classic, timeless, practical and Beautiful! I recommend getting the gst!!!
  12. I would say GST, it was one of my first chanel bags and I love it!
  13. I had a GST and sold it. It slouched but didn't look good - I also couldn't keep both handles on my shoulder, one would always fall off.
  14. I'd get the speedy emp. It's comfy and has no issues. I have a gst and all my stuff fall out plus one strap keeps falling off my shoulder.
  15. No brainier for me among all those, a GST. Loved mine and I also didn't mind the slouch :smile: but I wouldn't recommend letting it do that too easily on purpose if you ever think you want to sell it in the future. Maybe one of those softer timeless CC totes or something that's slouchier, you might prefer. I also preferred my Cerf tote to the GST for an every day casual tote. Sorry I'm not helping lol. :smile: good luck deciding! My second choice would be the Totally.