Chanel GST/PST or YSL muse?

  1. I need one that I can use for work. Which one you think would be better? And well one I can use everyday besides for work. thanks!
  2. Chanel GST! Definitely - check out the amazing photos of this bag in the Chanel subforum if you haven't already - great size, durable style, brilliantly chic.
  3. I vote for Chanel. I am not really a fan of the muse.
  4. Gosh I like both but sometimes I'm conscious about the logo. I guess if you can live with the logo on the bag, get the PST/GST.
  5. Chanel GST:yes:
  6. Muse...I was set to buy the GST after looking at pics but then when I went and tried it on, I did not like it at all, it was too boxy and awkward for me. But I love the medallion tote, another good functional bag.
  7. I vote for the chanel gst because its more functional than the muse and bigger than the pst.