Chanel GST or YSL Sac De Jour

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  1. I bought the GST black w/ gold exactly one year ago, used it about 10 times, didn't enjoy carrying it, LOVE looking at it, it just very boxy and the straps are very slippery (I'm pretty slim and have narrow shoulders), no matter how I position the straps, it doesn't work. I hope the leather can relax faster, that might make a difference.

    I've been wanting the Sac De Jour for a few months now, I can't convince myself to have both as they are pretty similar IMO. The Sac De Jour is more versatile as it has the detachable shoulder strap, and it has feet, which is a major plus for me.

    I have a few offers to sell my GST @ the original price I paid (minus tax), and I have two offers to buy the Sac De Jour brand new @ a pretty discounted price, if I make the trade, I will gain $400 for me to spend on other things.

    My concerns are:

    1. I might regret selling the GST as it's iconic and extremely hard to find now, and it's such a good looking bag. BUT I don't enjoy carrying it

    2. The GST is classic, it won't go out of style any time soon, or will it? It's discontinued after all......will the sac de jour be an icon, and stay in fashion?

    3. I'm not sure about the weight of the bag, is it heavier than the GST?

    Any suggestions? Thank you all in advance~
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    I was dealing with a similar issue actually. I have the GST and like it, but It has always been a bit of a pain. I liked the look of the SDJ, not as much as the GST.

    Ill try and answer your concerns:
    1: I agree. Its a pain to carry. For me, the straps are always slipping off my shoulders and it can get very heavy once its filled. Now that the GST has been discontinued (i think...), you may be able to sell it for more than you paid. For me, Its super iconic and i like it enough to keep it for now.

    2:Its totally iconic. Its CLASSIC Chanel, so yes it will always be in style. The sac du jour is very streamlined and modern, meaning that it will also be in style for a good deal of time. At this point, it is popular enough that it could become iconic as well.

    3: It depends. The sac du jour can be in a number of different leathers, and depending on whether it is lined in fabric or leather, its weight can vary. One reason I didn't pic it up was because i found it to be a bit too heavy, but all the ones I had tried were lined in leather...

    I hope this helps a bit. If I may suggest another bag, i would recommend a new tote that came out in the Cruise 15/16 line. I picked it up yesterday in Saks and ill make sure to do a reveal as soon as it comes in. Its similar to the GST, but lighter and narrower with straps that are slightly thinner. It also has feet which is a huge plus. I got mine in navy caviar with antique gold hardware. It comes in a few different leathers I believe.

    Id keep the GST. Its a gorgeous piece.
    If you can, Id say to get the SDJ as well. I think they are different enough and can both be part of your collection.

    Sorry for the long winded answer! hope it all works out for you!

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    Really appreciate the long reply. I would totally get the new tote if I don't have the GST already. To be honest, I would much prefer carrying a chanel bag than a YSL bag, just because. I enjoy my flap bags very much, but the GST annoys me so much, I think about selling it every time I carry it.
  4. For some reasons I know the SDJ very well, and sadly I can't advise you to buy one. Firstly because the quality isn't worth the price tag. The leather is kind of cheap, and every person I know who bought it had their SDJ looking horribly aged and distressed even when the bags were pretty new. It looses its shape easily. Plus it's very very heavy, and not that practical to carry. I admit it's a very beautiful bag, but at that price point you can expect something better made.

    Now about the GST, I personally dislike it (for me the huge CC in the middle of the bag is everything but Chanel) and i prefer much discreet bags. But I admit it's still a keeper, even more since it's been discontinued. But keeping it isn't the solution if you hate carrying it.

    So I think you should sell it as you can get a very good amount of $ for it, and spend it on another bag that's quality-made, timeless and comfortable to carry to YOU !
  5. I think u should get a totally different Chanel tote as mentioned above.

    Neither the GST or SDJ gets my vote!
  6. I also saw the new version of the GST, it looks a lot lighter to carry and it's very pretty. I have a GST and I don't use it much but it still very beautiful and I will keep mine. On the other hand SDJ really does nothing for me.
  7. I don't have the GST (only the PST), but if a bag annoys me to the point of thinking of selling it every time I use it, I would get rid of it and buy a style that's easy to carry. It will make things less complicated ;)
  8. There are several light & comfortable chanel totes at the boutique right now
  9. I know you don't love the GST but consider keeping it. I'm someone that had to jump a lot of hoops to get the GST and don't want u to regret parting with it. The new Chanel totes are lovely and likely more functional than the GST so consider getting a new Chanel tote. My bias is from the standpoint of having to obtain this bag after it was discontinued
  10. There are 3 different models of the SDJ. The original SDJs released circa 2013 didn't keep their shape, so circa 2014 YSL changed them to be sturdier and keep their shape, which contributed to the weight. All new SDJs (late 2015 onward) are "unlined" and made of two pieces of leather bonded together to make both the inside and outside both leather. They are about half the weight of the older models as a result. The new ones appear "flimsier" in look but seem to be sturdier than the original. I prefer the look of the second iteration but it is heavy if you are carrying for long periods of time.

    I say sell the GST if you don't enjoy wearing it. You won't miss it.
  11. Depends on where are u planning on using the bag. I'd go for chanel gst for classy look and ysl sdj for malling or business meetings.
  12. Update: I went against the advice and bought the sdj yesterday, I simply cannot get it out of my head, I own only LVs and Chanels, maybe it's a good brand to explore, who knows.

  13. I plan to use it mostly for work, I usually only wear small cross-body bags for shopping.
  14. I like both bags but I've seen the sdj and I kinda find it hard to open cos the material is really hard compared to the yligne bags. But what I like about it is that it has a strap that u can use when u get tired of carrying it in your arms. I always keep in mind the value of the bag especially the designer brand itself. Chanel bags tend to appreciate from time to time cos Chanel is timeless. Hmmm but then, you may never know what Ysl can do in the future.
  15. Congrats! I'm sure you will love it. If you couldn't get it out of your head, then it was def meant to be. Enjoy her!

    Side note: What color did you get? I've been looking for one in a light grey but haven't found just the right one yet.
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