chanel gst or marc jacobs stam

  1. need help deciding...thinking of buying a bag but can't decide which one i should get...all of sudden mj stam caught my eyes (ill prolly get metallic color) but i've been thinking of buying chanel gst but will prolly get a black one...but i already got lotta black HELP!!! or any other suggestions???
  2. i'd personally go for the chanel gst as it's a classic.
  3. Yup, definitely the GST! I have white and navy and I LOVE them.
  4. I vote for the GST--classic, beautiful--practical!

    I do have a MJ stam, and I love the look of it, but it's SO heavy!!! I rarely use it because of that. If you really love the stam, go for it, but be sure to try one on first to be sure the weight of it won't bother you.
  5. id go for the chanel, if you have a lot of black bags, i think the white or pink in the gst is gorgeous as well!
  6. I vote for the GST. I have it and love it. Many of the Chanel girls have this bag and love it. It's practical and yet somehow elegant. It's a bag that you'll always be able to use. JMO
  7. i dont have both but i would love to have the GST too. as what they all say, its a classic. but i suggest take the one which u will be able to use more.:amuse: i think the metallic colors will be great this spring/summer.
  8. GST!:heart:
  9. i personally like the look of the mj stam ALOT more than the gst.
  10. Chanel!!!!
  11. I don't like the mj stam, it looks like if you're carrying a big wallet IMO.
    Don't wanna hurt anyone who likes it though :shame:

    So go for the Chanel :biggrin:
  12. Although I like MJ stamp bag but GST is classic.
  13. chanel baby!
  14. The Chanel. I am considering getting the GST as a bday gift to myself in June. I had originally considered a LV epi leather bag, but the GST is just so pretty and practical.
  15. GST all the way. Its a classic will never go on sale. You can get the MJ when its on sale. The GST comes in diff color other than black.