Chanel GST - my next bag!

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  1. hey everyone! im super excited to be buying my very first Chanel!!:yahoo: ive decide don the black GST. im just wondering if you guys can give me any more info on this bag!? does it come in just the one size of GST or are there other GST variations (i know there is PST also)? Also, does this back come in Caviar and lambskin? And lastly, does it come in both gold and silver hardware?

    thanks guys!
  2. In addition to PST, there's also the PTT (petite timeless tote) which is like a mini version of the GST with a zipper closure

    If you're going to use the bag everyday (and considering the size of a GST, one can definitely fit loads in it!), I would go with caviar since it tends to be more durable than lambskin.

    It comes in both silver and gold hardware.

  3. I've never seen the GST in lambskin. From what I know, it's only caviar and patent.
  4. ^ Yup, Never seen any in lamb
  5. I concur. Never seen a GST in lamb, only caviar and patent. And mine is in black patent! :yahoo:

    I would recommend the GST. It's truly a very practical bag. Get the one in patent if you can! :smile:

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  6. There is an entire thread that addresses many issues related to the GST. It is very popular and many TPFers use it. It answers many questions you have and also shows a lot of posted pics. I hope you enjoy it.
Thread Status:
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