Chanel GST for work only?

  1. Hi ladies! I know I had a previous thread talking about which bag I should buy! I'm still saving for a Chanel Bag but am ready to place the order and charge it! I saw the GST, PST and the Petite Shopper (with zipper) and liked the PST & GST the most. I'm 5'2", 110 pounds..which bag would be more appropriate for a 19 year old? I want something classy and definitely practicial. I thought that the PST would be suiting because I can use it from day to night but then I like the shape of GST more..I work at an insurance agency so figured I can put more in the GST but would the GST be too much when i go shopping with friends? It is a bit heavy...what do you think? I want something for both work & going out. This will be my FIRST black Chanel bag!

    my bff says go for the big, but my new coworker says go for the small! HELP!
  2. i love my GST
  3. Hmmm where do you work?? It's a bit blingy for my conservative work, but it is truly a stunning bag.
  4. Same here - i could never use the GST for my work... way too blingy with the chain and the CC logo, but I agree, it's a great bag!
  5. I think the gst.
  6. I really like the look of GST, but it really depends on your style and how much you carry around!!!
  7. I think a PST is more appropriate for you.. Not unless you're in love with big big handbags!
  8. Im pretty conservative and thought about the cerf tote instead but i just love the gold hardware on the gst/pst. I'm usually a big bag girl but im worried that the GST might be too heavy to go out in. I like the look of the PST on my shoulder but not when im holding it by the arm, it looks too rectangular looking?..maybe thats why i havent bought the PST yet. does anyone who have PSTs feel that way? I work at a small insurance agency - they're all very sweet and treat me like family so bring a Chanel bag wont be too much for them..i hope not. lol. my supervisor told me to get the GST, lol. but my other coworkers say PST! ahhhh!!!

    P.S. can the GST fit a pair of heels or flats inside? I know theres like a zipper in the middle..i worry that it might get in the way of my things.
  9. I think PST will be better!! You can use it everyday and its more secure because it has zippers..!!
  10. i am in love with my zippered pst, but sometimes I wish it was a bit bigger. I kept changing my mind in the beginning between it and the gst, but the gst is too bulky on me and I'm not too petite.
  11. I would keep up the good work with the saving. I use the GST all the time... not just for work. I have both the PST (without zipper) and the GST... The GST is definitely the better choice, in my opinion, if you like a larger bag and want the option of fully fitting notebooks/magazines/books into your bag. The PST will definitely not accomodate that.