Chanel GST coming back at $3K ??!

  1. On one of the threads about Act I or Act II chanel handbags, it had the price of the GST at $3200 dollars..

    Is this price for real?

    Is it maybe only for washed caviar? But i did not see 2 different pics, one for washed and one for original caviar...:confused1:

    and last but not least, did chanel do a secret price increase on the GST?! :wtf:

    how many of you guys are going to pay over 3K for a GST?

  2. ^^^ thats interesting i thought the current price for the GST is around $2000 (£1000).

    I'm considering this bag myself and somehow my search button is no longer on my TPF page(weired but do not know why) so i cannot do a seach on it.

    it would be absurd with that price. I hope this is not true
  3. here is the pic borroed from the 'BG Act II' thread:

  4. Holy crap! If those numbers are correct, I'm really really regretting not grabbing everything while in Paris last week.
  5. wonder if that one is lamb?
  6. That is what I was thinking. I can't imagine it being caviar and costing more than the jumbo flap...
  7. that's AWFUL!
  8. wow that can't be right?!?!
  9. no freaking way
  10. I won't be getting one if that's true. HELL NO!
  11. What??? Is that for real???
  12. ack, it says "caviar" above the bag too...
  13. That picture looks doctored. Why is the GST boarder higher than the rest?
  14. That is ridiculous! Glad I bought mine before the price increase! How can it go from 1850 to over 3000!!!! YIKES!!!!!
  15. i really hope this isn't true! i would not pay 3K for the GST! it cant be more than the reissues!