Chanel Gst, Classic flap orLouis Vuittion Artsy

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  1. so I am very content right now with my little handbag collection but plan on buying something in May/June and I wanted to get an opinion on which bag I should purchase I love the Chanel Gst and The Classic Flap if I get the classic flap most likely I want it in black with shw in jumbo, the gst I initially liked but I am on the fence about after reading several posts abt how boxy it is and the fact that the straps don't stay put. Finally LV is my first love and I love the artsy bag in the empreinte line. If I decide to get the classic flap is there a waitlist? do you suggest I put my name down now even though I don't plan on purchasing till June possibly? ugh in confused please help
  2. I have all 3 of these bags, and I think you should definitely get the flap. It will always be a classic and will never go out of style unlike the artsy.
  3. I think that you are right, it is a classic bag and I should get it. Do you know if there is currently a waiting list for the jumbo or maxi caviar in black with shw
  4. I don't think there would be a waitlist. But that is just what I would think. You should get the classic flap, because even though the Artsy is beautiful, it isn't a fad brand, but the bag itself is a fad. If you want a Chanel, you should get a Classic Flap, if you want LV, get a speedy, or an alma.

  5. you are very right I feel as if the artsy is a fad as well, so I'm def going to get the flap bag and then get the LV alma in epi I have been lusting after these two bags for a while! Thank you so much ladies now I know what bag to get. :smile:
  6. Go to a store that sells Chanel and try on a jumbo and a maxi so you get an idea of the size and weight and how proportionate they are for you. Also think about what you will normally carry, and add on that weight to the bag. That might help you to see which size is best for you. I agree that a classic flap (if that fits with your lifestyle) is definitely the most timeless iconic bag that Chanel sells.
  7. I have all 3 of the bags, and I have to admit I love my chanel flap the most :smile: it is just so beautiful
  8. Call around to different stores. You just might find one that has the bag, if not get on several waitlists at different stores. Good luck!
  9. I have all 3 bags and prefer my jumbo as well! The artsy is a great everyday bag to throw things into but the jumbo just makes my heart sing.
  10. I also have all 3 bags including the artsy!And I do love all of them very much, and I wear my artsy all the time and I don't think it's a fab ! But I must say chanel is by far my fav! I find it very classic, and will not go out of style !
  11. I'm with many of the ladies here. I own the Chanel GST and Jumbo flap, but I also have an Artsy. I don't think the Artsy is a fad, and I absolutely love that bag, but if you're looking for a true classic, go for the flap bag. If you get the GST or Artsy first, you'll find yourself still dreaming about the flap bag!!
  12. And there is no waiting list for the classic flap bag! It's beautiful you will love it
  13. I have all the 3 bags as well and love all of them. I don't find GST boxy. All three are beautiful. Though the only difference is that the classic flap can be used to night outs and formal events too. All my classic flaps are M/L.
  14. I have all 3 bags and I would do the classic jumbo, it's a must if you love Chanel.
  15. wow I can't believe how many of us have all 3! I vote for classic flap too.