Chanel gst as school bag?

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  1. Hi was thinking of getting à Chanel gst as à school bag, but then to carry all My booli notebooks and things like that in another one. My question is Will it be durable enough to use for long period of time everyday??
  2. Sorry, but no. Just use a regular bag. IMO school/college is not the best place to carry Chanel. There have been other threads about this topic that you might want to take a look at. Good luck!
  3. I cannot imagine Chanel to be used as a school bag. Not in my part of the world.
  4. I say yes, if you like the bag and can afford to have it and have it a little bashed. I have used other designer bags as a school bag before (Mulberry, LV ect) Just don't over fill it. I would use mine for my day planner, wallet, keys, phone, ipod, make up and notebook and maybe 1 small textbook - but any really heavy book I would just carry!
    Hope this helped.
  5. I did the same with my bags, I always bring my laptop with me, since it fits in my Mulberry Alexa :biggrin:
  6. My Alexa is only regular sized so it doesn't hold much - but my bayswater holds everything! But both brilliant bags for school! :smile:
  7. :nogood:
  8. Definitely no, I don't own a GST but I did wear my Chanel Caviar jumbo/ reissue 227 to school to put daily essentials, but with care. I stopped doing it because I was worried about damaging it and seeing my other classmate bashing her Chanel lamb Maxi was painful to look at lol. I would suggest a Proenzer Schouler or Balenciaga as a school bag.
  9. No
  10. no.. i would say leave designer bags out of school (high school and uni)..
  11. I used a GST for a school bag before and after a while it loses its shape and the bottom starts to sag! So I would say not to use a GST as a school bag!!
  12. I'm in grad school now and use my bubble quilt tote which actually has held up pretty nicely holding one textbook and a notebook.
  13. Agreed. Anything heavy and your bag will not be the same.
  14. No. Use something not as delicate or pricy.
  15. I agree 100%.