Chanel Gray w/ Silver H/W, anyone seen one recently?

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    Sorry to trouble you yet again. I was wondering whether anyone has seen a Chanel handbag in gray lambskin or caviar with silver hardware recently. I called Saks in St. Louis and the Chanel specialist there hadn't seen one at all, neither this season nor last season. I'm flexible as to the style and size though I'd prefer an east west bag or something smaller than the jumbo.

    Thank you! Oh, and you all really helped me find the glazed pink jumbo lambskin; it should be arriving on Tuesday :tup:

  2. Saw a grey lambskin median/large classic with silver hardware at Neiman of Short Hills 3 weeks ago. Not sure if it is still available or not. I believe it is for Fall 06. Good luck on searching!
  3. You can also try Neiman Marcus in White Plains, NY. They had a medium one about a week ago. Good luck.
  4. Thank you, I called both and both associates are going to look and call me back . . .possibly
  5. Oh, I like the gray too! But I've been looking for an E/W.

    Kkayc, if you talk w/ the SAs, can you ask them if they have any Gray E/W in caviar leather? :smile: Or Bordeaux?
  6. Sure no prob, though so far my reaction when I say "gray" seems to be a "huh?" Regarding the bourdeaux, you may wish to check with the Chanel Boutique in Honolulu, Hi (Ala Moana Shopping Center). When I called about a week ago, Judy? July? (SA) mentioned that they had bordeaux though I'm not sure in what style.
  7. Thank you KK :smile:
  8. I bought the east/west gray with silver hardware in September of 07 at the Boston Newbury boutique and when I bought it they said it was there were only 2 more left in the I think you're going to have a hard time finding it :sad:
  9. kkayc, glad you found u your pink jumbO!!!!!!! (: post pics when it arrives ok? :P
  10. Oh so sad:crybaby: Still, I'm waiting to hear back from a Neiman's SA. She was really interesting because intially of she sounded blunt/abrupt, but really it was an all-business tone of "If it is anywhere in the system, I will find it for you, okay!" She had the authoritative tone of a mother, which really instills confidence. :tender:If it's anywhere in Neiman's system, I believe she will find it. If not, it's for the best ... for my wallet. I have to get off this Chanel kick, but I think it's all this talk of price increases that has me going nuts.
  11. Thank you Jeshika! Will do! If I manage to find a gray purse too, please smack me if I put up any more posts looking for stuff!
  12. hahaha, i know!!!! so many wants.... so little money!!! heeheee~
  13. Thanks for letting me know. Unfortunately, that bag looks more brown than grey. Oh well, still no luck. I'm hoping one will pop up.