Chanel Grand Shopping Tote or Chloe Red Patent Betty??


Which should I get? Chanel or Chloe?

  1. Chanel Blk. Grand Shopping tote/gold hardware

  2. Chloe Red Patent Betty

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  1. My SA has a red patent Betty on hold for me, but I'm also thinking about a Chanel Grand Shopping tote with gold hardware. I can only get one. The Chanel will be around, but the Betty is limited & more difficult to get. I have lots of handbags, so it doesn't need to go with more. lol. The Chloe is beautiful in person, but I want the Chanel too. Please help me decide. Thanks a million, Kathy
    chain tote.jpg B1.jpg
  2. I like the classic look of Chanel
  3. I much prefer the Betty. Chanel is Chanel and looks like Chanel. The Betty is just beautiful and diffrent.
  4. Personally, for the kind of money being spent, I would prefer to go with the, my vote is for Chanel. The Betty is gorgeous, and although it may be a limited edition, I do think that it's also a very "limited" bag in what you can wear with it.

    Just my two cents....good luck!
  5. I like the Chanel Grand Shopping Tote it's a very classic and chic style.
  6. I vote for the Chanel. Very classy.
  7. Thanks to everyone for your comments. I love them both, & it's a hard decision.
  8. Chanel for me too. Not trendy and love the classic look of Chanel. You can dress up or down and carry them forever.
  9. I would pick the Chanel, but I picked the Betty for Kathy.
    I know her personally and she's pretty swanky ;)
    I think she's get the most enjoyment from the Betty.
  10. I personally would go for the classic look of Chanel if I could only pick one of the two.
  11. Thanks again for your opinions. Anyone else, please let me know what you prefer too.
  12. Always Chanel (or at least 90% of the time :P )
  13. I like the Chanel better. I would go with that.
  14. depends on what you want to do with it- the tote is a great bag for work, and can fit a laptop and files. betty , not so much- more of a single function bag.
    i just got the tote in their new leather (which is sort of distressed), with palladium-type hardware, in black. it is stunning, and widely useful.
  15. I vote for the Chanel, so classic and beautiful
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