Chanel Grand Shopping in Navy

  1. I was at Saks today and tried on the Jumbo Flap in Navy:love::love::love: it was sooooo beautiful. Almost left the store with it. Then the SA told me that they used to have the grand shopping in Navy but sold out. Have any of you rockin PF women seen this bag IRL? Would love a pic!! Is it worth the effort to search high and low for Navy? I also saw it in Chanel Beige:love: may have to get it:shame:!
  2. i would go for the navy... i'd be so scared to get beige dirty! i havent seen it in real life, but if you want it, i say hunt for what you want and dont settle. :smile: good luck!
  3. I've never seen this navy- I like how unique it will be but I think that black would look more classic and be easier to match. Beige is pretty too!
  4. OMG YESSSSS! The Navy caviar Grand Shopping tote is TDF! The Neiman's in Plano, TX had one recently.
    Also, the beige is fantastic, no worries about it. The caviar leather is SO durable, it wipes clean!
  5. SwankyMama-I swear to g** if that bag is still there I will be your Best Friend Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG OMG OMG-can't wait to call. AAAGHHH:evil::evil::evil::evil: It's too late. Morning better come soon. That Navy is so DIVINE:love::love:. I have called every store that I could think of and CANADA even tried to call PARIS:amazed: -okay getting a little psycho. BTW-I do love the black. Haven't seen the beige in person (ordered 1 just in case) but my heart of hearts loved the navy.
    Okay-have to calm down-my heart is palpitating!!

    Swankymama-how would you rate the Navy vs. the black???
  6. I actually preferred the navy over black, I LOVE the silver hardware! But, I'd never get to carry it. . . I have NO navy shoes. . . my staples are blacks and browns. . . that Navy was FANTASTIC though. Very rich!
  7. OOHHHHH-I'm drooling. Cannot wait until tomorrow so that I can call-have the phone number printed out already-Oh please let them have it:worried:

    BTW-congrtas on the new bag and my hubby wouldn't have noticed either(which is not a bad thing-I don't know how much longer he'll believe that everything costs "a couple hundred bucks")
  8. OOps-forgot to say that I LOOOOVE the silver hardware too!!!
  9. Good luck . . . I hope they still have it for you!

    ^you're right. . . it's easier when he doesn't notice! LOL!
  10. LOL, I love it JJ's - I usually tell DH that what he's seeing I've had in the back of my closet for years! I think I say something like...."Oh, THIS old thing????"....I used to think he was kinda clueless but after 14 years I'm begining to think he's onto me.....
  11. LOL-I used to do that too and then my son got older and began to rat me out, "is that a new bag?", "I've never seen you wear that before" right in front of the hubby:evil:-a few cold dinners cured him, but had to change my stratgey-LOL-will have to change again real soon
  12. Do you all have separate bank accounts? My Hub and I have everything joint. He sees everything that goes on financially. It stinks!
  13. YUP:love::love::love::love::love:
    We have a joint account and then seprate ones as well. My mom gave me sage advice before I married-"keep a little something for yourself-he doesn't have to know everything;)" Who knew that advice would be so useful:biggrin:
  14. LOL-If we had joint accounts -I would have been put on shopping suspension 10 years ago:lol:
  15. Wow...that's exactly the same advice my Mom gave me! Separate bank accounts and one joint. Does a world of good for a marriage!