Chanel gold stamp on insoles

Sep 1, 2016
Hello dear ladies!
I've just bought a pair of Chanel suede slingback and was wondering what my options were to protect the gold stamp on the insoles? I've seen:
- Adding leather soles or clear pads to the shoes, probably the safest method but I wonder if it won't look ugly considering the style of the shoes?
- Covering the logo with two pieces of tape, but it seems scary and the logo is quite big I think it might be uncomconfortable
- The scariest, clear nail polish?

What method would you or did you use? Thank you !
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Sep 1, 2016
I have never protected the logo in my insoles... And none of my shoes have the logo worn off. Is this a common thing??
I actually don't know, maybe I'm worrying for nothing, but I do notice parts of the letters have faded a little I wouldn't want them to completely disappear over time


Apr 22, 2016
I wouldn't really worry about it, I mean if you put tape or anything over it and it wears off (the tape slips, sweats etc,) it'll take the logo right off. I'd probably just wear them the way they are!
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