Chanel gold/silver metallic bowlers

  1. For those who have the gold or silver bowler from spring summer are you considering the new bronze bowler? I think maybe I am. Not sure if it will be the medium or another large. Opinions welcome.:hysteric:
  2. Nah I have the silver Bowler - So sticking with one colour from that collection - I have just bought the most amazing python clutch its irredesant green blue pinkand bronse- gorgeous!!!! I have yet to post pics!

    My SA wanted to pick up the bronse Bowler for herself but apparently they all sold out here in london - Heard its a beautiful colour - What colour do u have?
  3. Gold bowler. Oh my, that must be amazing. The color is really nice on the bronze bowler. Have you really your silver?
  4. Yep I have the silver Bowler... Its lovely ! I'm going to LA on holiday soon.. and I have so many bags I just wondering which One to take! - The pytin clutch is really beautiful... I hate lending my bags out and my mom loves it too - so now shes considering picking up the same clutch! -
    If I were u I'd stick with the gold... Buy something different from the F/W collection... all the stuff from the python range is just coming in.. However they dont all look the same as the one with the tassell isnt shoy ( irredesat
  5. The colors and finishes of the leathers are sooo different that if you love the bowler style you won't feel like it's the same bag. They each can be worn with such different outfits.