Chanel Gold Necklace?? Does anyone know which one this is?

  1. I called my SA in the Chanel (NM) in Boston~
    And I was looking for a plain CC silver necklace, they said they didn't have. :sad: So she recommended this gold 30'' necklace with blue crystals in the CCs and also there are blue stones around the necklace as well ... a few inches apart?

    Does anyone have any idea what this necklace looks like?
    Or has a picture?? I put it on hold~ Hopefully I'll be able to go to Boston next wknd to take a look..

    Ahh... =P
  2. Do you know the price? I know another PF'er got a blue stone CC necklace, and I believe it did have stones around it too. I think this is brushed gold, so it's not so bold and bright. Let me see if I can find the picture that was posted.
  3. Is it this one?

    The photo belongs to ladydeluxe, hope she does not mind that I borrowed it :idea:

  4. That is gorgeous!
  5. that's nice!
  6. DD101: of course i wouldn't mind! ;)

    juicyME: i suppose your SA could be telling you about the necklace i bought (as shown above)! it's really pretty irl and matches really well with jeans (for a casual look) and a nice LBD too (for a classy evening look) :graucho:
  7. I have the one that is just the blue and green stones without the CC was $700 something. I love it!