Chanel Gold Fiction Nail Polish

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  1. I just picked this up tonight rushed home and slapped two coats on, forgive the edges I still need to tidy up but couldn't wait to show you guys.

    Without flash and with flash

  2. Isn't it beautiful? Chanel always makes the prettiest nail polish colors. :smile:
  3. Gorgeous color!
  4. It looks great on you. I have this color on my toes. The first day I had it on I kept staring at my toes even while walking - yep ran into the wall. Got a headache but damn my toes look GOOD!!!
  5. great color
  6. This is hilarious! Thank you for admitting it, my day just got a little better after a good laugh... because that's something that I would do!

    It is a gorgeous color though.
  7. I like that it is opaque.
  8. Gorgeous! I think it'd clash with my skintone, but it sure is beautiful.
  9. Very pretty! I just ordered it last night, can't wait!
  10. hahaha.. i just bought this today. and went to do a search on it... and it took me back to my favorite place. The Purse Forum.

    Looks Lovely on you.. I can't wait to try mine out.

  11. it looks lovely on your nails:tup:

    I bought this today along with fantastic and a glossimer .. I would have bought the eyeliner and eyeshadow compact as well and the new mascara looks great too, but I don't get paid till thursday.. plus the eyeliner sold out in four days! the sa said it was not limited edition so hopefully I will be able to get it in another store later this week
  12. wow.. thats alot of stuff.

    I couldn't believe it was 30 bucks. The SA told me 20 until she rang it up.. and she was surprised I wanted the blue satin too.. but I got soo many blues.

    I really liked that Klaidscope color too.
  13. ^^I know!! I normally buy it in bits and pieces but I knew they would sell out pretty quickly, they only came out in the UK today!

    I had to go on a waiting list once for Black Satin and I would regret not getting them all!! I saw the kalidscope colour as well but was in a bit of a hurry otherwise I would have put some on my nail to see what it looked like, as I am not sure it will suit me

    I got the blue one a few months ago, and I love it, I normally put the lighter blue one over it for a sightly different look
  14. Gorgeous. I saw it IRL the other day. Didn't buy it because I've spent more than a little on bags of late.
  15. #15 Aug 25, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2008
    Beautiful nails!!! Who knows an OPI duplicate of Chanel's Gold Fiction? I did see Scrangie's blog when I searched, but she said Sephora by OPI's Charge It! wasn't an exact match. I would rather have an exact match as possible. Perhaps you have another brand name besides OPI? Thanks!:smile: