Chanel Gold/beige bag.. is it hard to care for?

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  1. #1 Aug 29, 2017
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2017
    I want to buy a second classic flap and am not sure what color to go for.

    I have a black caviar GHD medium/large classic flap
    black SHW GST

    and now I'm thinking either a beige or red for my second medium size... but ... i'm scared of color transfer issues on the gold one.

    Would you go searching for a red mini? or red medium?
  2. Chanel reds are gorgeous!!
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  3. An SA told me if you wear jeans a lot or plan to use the bag daily it does get tough to keep the beige clean.

    I would recommend looking for a red... they're gorgeous this year!
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  4. I have a gold lamb m/l that has not had any color transfer, but the gold has worn off some. It still looks nice, but when you open it, the inside is soooo gold and makes you realize how it's more a a muted gold now. Granted, I think I bought it in 2007 and did not baby it. All that being said, for a 10 year old bag, it still looks fabulous and is one of my favorites:smile:
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  5. Thanks for the feedback girls! Now lets hope my bro can find one for me when he visits Europe over the next week! :heart:
  6. Hey Myztic, I was in the exact same dilemma as you just a couple of years ago - I had a GST, and a black m/l flap, but wanted another m/l flap so I was debating between the red and beige as well. I chose the beige because I think the beige actually goes with more outfits as it's a neutral color compared to the red, but that's just my opinion !

    If you're going to get the beige, I would DEFINITELY go with the caviar leather. My bag still looks like it did when I got it and I've worn it with a variety of coloured clothing items (keep in mind, I don't ever wear jeans though). I would just wear one of your other bags if you are going to wear denim.

    I've gotten it slightly dirty before, but got a leather conditioner to rub it away and it worked amazingly.

    Hopefully my comment helps!