Chanel Glossimer

  1. I love Glossimers! :love:
  2. Thanks ladies- I know what I want to do for Mother's Day... a trip to the chanel cosmetic counter is going to be a great start:p
  3. ^^me too! That's what I want...a trip to a Chanel counter.
  4. I bought 2 glossimers on my Chicago trip and I love them!
  5. I love glossimers! Here is my small collection:

  6. ^love em all!

    can anyone recommend any glossimers that are really shimmery? I already have Galactic and Mica, those are pretty shimmery to me. I also have Nebula, Magnifique and they're not shimmery, but not as much as the others. TIA :smile:
  7. I have Blizzard and it is pretty shimmery.
  8. ^ That is an amazing collection axewoman!
  9. :love:

    I hope Chanel releases or re-releases a pigmented hot pink. I know I can get a hot pink in NARS or YSL but I want it in a glossimer:p
  10. axewoman- you have yourself one dreamy glossimer collection:cloud9:
  11. now that i am well hyrdated and such i can wear the glossimiers which i have to say are my fave gloss. i really like the wand applicator and that it has subtle shimmer to it but that with a liner worn under neath you can really take it to next level. i would like to try aqua
  12. :faint:

    WOW!!!! Pretty!!!! :yahoo:
  13. I hear you...I have a thing for hot pink l/g, it's much better on me than pastels in general. I did just get a fantastic new hot pink from NARS called Easy Lover, though - it doesn't have any shimmer at all, though, if that is important to you. I love YSL stuff as well but I just had an allergic reaction to their Rouge Volupte so I am a bit scared off... :sad:
  14. ^^ I feel the same about pastel especially pinks(even though I like how Chanel Cry Baby looks on me). I don't think I can pull them off as well as a hot pink.
  15. what's the top 7th one? cosmo?
    and the 2nd bottom. TIA :smile: