Chanel Glossimer

  1. So pretty!!!! :biggrin:
  2. ^ Thanks Candace! :flowers:

    I had a hard time deciding between Pink Crystal, Jaipur and Rose Sand, but I went with Pink Crystal. It's a little pale by itself, but I think it will look good layered over pink lipsticks...
  3. I have Sundress, and I love it soooo much.
  4. Have you guys noticed that Chanel has to be so "secretive" about everything!! Like this whole lipgloss thing and the fact that they will just discontinue things without any warning!! It seems like alot of the times the SA's don't know things too much ahead of time either...oh well it is still my fave cosmetic line:heart:

  5. I LOVE Rose Sand, I'm going to get it when I run out of Magnifique :biggrin:
  6. ooo i have dior lipgloss but havent tried chanel yet. definately will buy it soon.
  7. I just bought blizzard. The SA said it was one of their most popular colors. So far I like it.
  8. I love the 72 Magic, but it has been discontinued. Why does that happen to all of my favorite lipsticks? Anyway, if anyone knows of one that is closest to this that is available now, please let me know.
  9. ^^What color is that? And does anyone still wear Unity? I heard it was the closest to nude on a woman of darker color. Is it shimmery or Matte?
  10. I love glossimers, they are so worth the money! I just ran out of Sarong, but also have Spark & Waterlily. I have been using my Rogue Allure Laque more often and just bought the new Rogue Coco in Organdi Rose :biggrin:
  11. like these glossimer's.. will look at them this week
  12. :bump:

    i love Glossimers, i have two so far.
    92 - Glitter.
    63 - Pagoda.

    i would love to get next, 131 Mica or 96 Iris, I was wondering if anyone had either of these and could show a good picture, i would be much appreciated if you could help, im not sure of the colour for both and ive been going by google images search.
  13. I had more...but scraped them to the bottom so I tossed em. LOL! Here is what I have currently. Feening on one of the summer collection glossimers: Laser or just another glossimer in general. Somebody stop me! lol!

    Left to right:

    39 Force
    84 Imaginaire
    217 Red Shine
    Cry Baby
    97 Hibiscus
    14 Glaze
    chanel glossimers.jpg
  14. DeeDeeDelovely - why stop, you have some great taste in Glossimers, im liking Cry Baby.
    Thank you for the PM, and the help you gave in me choosing which to get.

  15. ^^I wish they would bring back Cry Baby. Perfect frosted pink. Le Sigh.