Chanel Glossimer changes color???

  1. Until a few days ago, I haven't used lipgloss since I was a teenager many years back due to some negative experiences. Well, I figured that cosmetics must be way advanced in the 21st century, so I might as well try lipgloss again. I picked up two Chanel glosses :Eclipse & Big Bang. Eclipse is very pretty & I love it. Yesterday morninwhen I put on Big Bang (the only orangey tube in the new Galaxy Collection), it was a sheer orange color. However, at lunch, I discovered that it had changed to a mauve peachy color. When I talked with some friends, I discovered that the Big Bang is the color of the lips in the pearl-biting ad.!! I immediately went to ask the Chanel SA and she confirmed the heresay. Do anyone of you have experience of lipgloss changing colors? Is this phenomenon the exception or the rule? I guess this lipgloss newbie here needs some education in her choice of lipgloss. TIA
  2. Hmmm...I have a couple of Chanel Lip Glosses and they have never changed color on me.:shrugs: Do you think it could be part of their limited edition line?
  3. I don't know about them changing color, I have astral and haven't noticed. But thanks so much for the info on Big Bang being used for the ad. I love the color she has on and wondered which one it was!!! I am going to see if I can still order it!!
  4. Dreamgirl: I think you'll be happy getting Big Bang. This morning, I put it on again to ascertain that the color change is real. By about 11:00am, my lips were the same color as that of the model in the ad! I had wanted an orange lipgloss & that's why I picked out Big Bang, which looks the orangest of the entire Galaxy Collection. I was quite frustrated at the color change and so I marched to the YSL counter and promply got their Golden Gloss #5 Copper, whose tube color looks 95% like that of the Big Bang. Thank God this gloss is really orange. The YSL SA thought I was lying when I showed her what I had put on in the morning.
  5. i've been wondering what color the model is wearing in the ad, and the MA's have just been giving me different answers since i haven't been able to make it to my regular one-so thanks so much! :tup: i went out and picked it up just now and just tried it on :p
  6. ive been wondering which color was used in the ad! I will be getting that i guess! and I was just there last night, damn! I have 2 and I have not noticed them changing color...except maybe in the different lighting