Chanel Gladiator Sandal Boots

  1. I am not sure if I totally love it or not. But it has my attention now. Have you seen it in the store and what do you think of them? Anyone knows the price on these babies? :yes:
  2. I saw them at the Neiman Marcus Fashion Island trunk show yesterday. I did not see the price but they come in white and black. A model was wearing a white pair and we asked about the length of time it must take to put them. She said even though there are several buckles some of them snap to make it faster. The look very much like the picture.
  3. gosh their ugly, dont like them sorry.... with what could you wear them?
  4. They're kind of ugly, extremely hard to wear and they just scream, "Spring 2007"... :shrugs:
  5. it they weren't so HIGH up the leg then maybe I'd go for them...
  6. i don't like them at all...sorry
  7. I believe there is a shorter version as well. I saw them in Elle mag. The one with Jessica Alba on it.
  8. I really like them!!!...It's how you carry them off!
  9. ^^I'm indifferent to this, but I'm thinking cuffed shorts and a blouse to wear with it? Isn't the next season all about black and white?
  10. Thanks for the feedback ladies. I think I will hoop over to Fashion Island tonight to check it out. I think I like it. I'll need to try it on to see if can deal with all the buckles and the price tag. :nuts:
  11. Well if you do get them... post pictures so we can see how great you look!
  12. theres a pic of these in the new elle issue which was posted on the balenciaga forum!