Chanel Gl0ssimer in Black Tie HELP!!!

  1. Why cant i find it?!?! D0es any0ne have any inf0 0n this?!?!??! PLEASE IF Y0U HAVE INF0 let me kn0w, im freaking 0ut:s is it disc0ntinued?!?!
  2. I've never heard of this it popular? Sorry I'm no help!

  3. its like the perfect color, imo, its a light pink with a teeny bit of silvery undertones, it looks like shiney pink sheer perfection when its on, and it lightens up darker colors beautifully, I am not sure if its popular? I had never heard of it until an SA told me about it, and now i cant find it:hrmm:, and am scared if i run out and can never find it again:s
  4. hi *Lo,

    I have this colour too and agree it's fantastic. I live in the UK and can't find it here at all, so I'm distraught too! None of the SA's here know the colour at all so I think you might have more chance of locating it in the US.

    I purchased mine last year in Las Vegas in a Chanel Store, but have never seen it anywhere else. Not sure that picture on the e-bay sale is it to be honest - it looks black in the tube!!

    If you track it down let me know!! Sooo hope it's not discontinued. Good luck! :smile:


  5. Oh ok, I thought I was the only one who saw that the color of the lipgloss is black:confused1:
  6. *Lo,
    It is my all time favorite gloss as well. It is available at Saks in Santa Barbara. Just saw it there last Thursday.
  7. I LOVE that one too! I had bought it when it first came out and remember it being a limited edition color. Sorry I'm not much help.
  8. doesn't chanel bring back limited edition products that are really popular? i wish they'd do that with this! i regret not getting it when it was out :sad:
  9. everything posh: I don't think this is a limited edition. At least here in LA you can still find it.
  10. I'm almost sure this isn't a limited edition color either. I actually bought some more not too long ago, because I LOVE this color. So pretty. I'm in Miami, and I'm pretty sure it's still readily available over here.
  11. Lucky in LA!! Can't find it anywhere here in Chicago :sad:
  12. I bought some a couple of months ago at Barneys in BH. I love the shade.
  13. everythingposh:
    friends and family starts thursday at Saks. maybe you can order some for yourself and have them shipped? i think it is 15% off in al makeup lines
  14. thanks ladies!! I am going to try Saks!! This one woman told me that its discontinued but I am not gonna give up hope especially since you all have been able to find it