Chanel girls - Opinions on Louis Vuitton?

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  1. I'm considering buying a Speedy Azur, but have read on another thread that after having high quality leather bags such as Chanel, the canvas of Louis Vuitton just seems a bit cheap and nasty? Any of you have any experience/opinions on this? Please share:flowers:
  2. I have an LV Speedy 35 in monogram canvas and I do not find it to be cheap at all. It is very durable and the bag still looks new (after 2 years of contiued use).
  3. I own 2 Speedys and they are probably the highest quality I own. They are super durable and stand up to anything. I actually don't care much for LV in general though I do like the Suhali and Epi lines for somethings. Nothing wrong with it in my mind, just not my favorite if that makes sense.
  4. There is something to be said about that. However I still love LV. My fave is Chanel by far though. In fact, I just used the $200 NM gift cert I received for buying my GST and bought a LV wallet to match my speedy. In this case I appreciate the fact that the wallet is canvas vs soft leather, I think it will be more durable and handle the constant in/out and opening/closing. But my fave purse is my GST!
  5. I have 3 LVs, and I love them. They are very durable and high quality.
  6. the regular monogram line is not leather, it''s coated canvas which can be stronger than leather. it can take rain and snow.
    i have few LV pieces and love em as well as my chanels.
    but i don't buy regular monogram :P i only bought special pieces (at least, it's special IMO) which is the murakami designs and the street shopper which is made by awesome braided leather.
    i was so excited to receive the street shopper because finally i own a LV piece with leather smells, chanels been spoiling me with the smell LOL
  7. I bought the Azur 30 Speedy along with the Zippy wallet when they first came out and love them, but you just have to be careful not to use hand lotions so the handles would not stain so quickly. I came up with my own solution to roll up a pretty silk scarf around the top of the handles at the point where the palms touch the bag and so far mine has managed to stay stain-free. I do not consider them to be cheap nor nasty at all and for the money they are def. quality handbags. I just care that my money pays for top quality, that is most important to me.
  8. I think the quality of LV is fine. Anyway, you couldn't compare the speedy which is consider to be a cheap luxury bag to Chanel which rarely produced bags on that price range or you will never find one.

    The LV and Chanel bag styles are different and I like both, own both and love both brands.

    Azur speedy is lovely. I ever owned one but I sold it as I hate a patina. All luxury bags are overpriced no matter what it made of.
  9. Coated canvas and leather are 2 different things. I will use LV at the beach, on a plane, etc. and not worry about it AT ALL. It is so durable. I was just thinking of retiring my Chanel wallet (after an unfortunate incident with DD's sippy cup) for a sturdier LV.
  10. I love the quality of the Epi line, but I'm not all that interested in LV.
  11. I love Chanel as classics forever, and going out it's only Chanel for me.But I do own few LV's - and don't forget that LV has a huge price range for every taste. The wallets actually run in the same price as Chanel's, but I love my Chanel wallet - it looks great - sometimes I just run to the store with wallet alone and feel good..
    I just bought LV Mahina XS in bronze leather ( fell in love with it while passing LV in Saks on 5th) and it cost me $2,940 - even higher than my classic caviar Jumbo flap or GST. But I only buy higher end LV's and actually on WL for white watercolor Speedy 35 which is to be about $1,300.
  12. I actually "started out" with LV. It was my first big designer splurge, and it was on an Mono Speedy 30. While I've since moved onto Chanel, and yes, the leather is gorgeous in comparison... I still use my Speedy, and find that is very low maintenance compared to my Chanels. I'm more paranoid about the leather getting dirty or scratched, and what not -but with canvas LV's I'm not scared to use a Mr. Clean Eraser or a sanitizing wipe if I've set my bag somewhere dirty while out, or there's a stain. I think LV canvas is really different from Chanel leather goods, so I wouldn't think that it would be a really drastic difference, because they're very distinctly different, KWIM?
  13. I also started out with LV. I don't own any monogram pieces though. I do have Damier luggage (coated canvas) and they have withstood the harshness of travel and time!

    All my other LV pieces are Suhali calf leather pieces and they are TDF! Exceptional quality I will add :tup:
  14. well said!
  15. i have the damier ebene speedy 30 and love it. i do not think canvas is cheap but instead it lasts a lifetime and i do not have to babysit it at all. just throw around and still looks the same.

    i will buy it if you love it. i certainly do.