Chanel Girls - Are you ears turning deaf?

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  1. For the past few years, every little bad comments people make about my handbag collection have fallen into deaf ears. I hear one of these comments at least daily but yesterday, I had an earful:

    "I just don't get this, what's so special about handbags....clothes, yes, shoes, yes, never handbags."

    "With all the money you spent, you could have bought yourself a nice piece of jewelry."

    "I don't get this at all....just don't get it."

    "What! Another handbag, why don't you put some money towards your favorite charity?"

    "That's lovely, but it's just a handbag and I would never spend that kind of money on a handbag."

    "Instead of a new handbag, which I totally don't get, buy another house, invest in stocks, do something else instead of blowing it away on some useless junk."

    "I would never spend that kind of money on that. Why don't you take us to a nice dinner instead?"

    "Awww, I can't believe you bought another one. The most I'll ever spend is $XX. That's such a waste."

    "I can buy one from XXX for $XX and have enough to buy another XXXX and XXXX."

    "Sophie, that's ridulous, give me the money instead."

    OK, that was from last night's dinner with my colleagues. As usual, I don't expect them to say anything nice, but I felt they were just ganging up on me. Anyway, how do your friends react when you, unintentionally, show them your bag or carry your bag when they are around?

    I don't hear anymore. :P
  2. dear god, I hope you haven't gotten those comments here on the forum?

    I have heard such comments in real life by so called "associates" of mine.

    she says "I would never waste my money on such things". She says this in front of my other friends. My best friend came to my rescue and was like "we all spend our money on what we want, so whats wrong with that?"

    I personally wanted to strangle this person, but I didn't even say anything back. I was pretty hurt and upset. But what are you going to do?

    I just find it funny she would say this especially since her boyfriend brought her a brand new car and she has been known to spent x amount of money on clothes.

    I guess since I dont spend my paychecks on hooker wear Im not smart with money. :rolleyes:
  3. No, not from the forum....just my purse hating colleagues.
  4. And the sad thing is , I hear it all the time now.
  5. I get that too... my favorite is "you're crazy!!" I'm fairly certain I didn't ask their opinion! I don't make comments about them... yes it's infuriating!
  6. I hear things like that sometimes too. I think a lot of people would not get the same amount of happiness as I would from a $2500+ Chanel so they just can't understand why I would "waste" my money. Maybe those people don't feel the rush we do. Also I bet half those comments are out of jealousy...sometimes I feel uncomfortable wearing my bags around others who can't afford as many. Even if I don't tell them how much it costs or that it's new, I think to some extent they know. I am definitely not trying to show off, I love my bags but sometimes I take my cheapest rattiest one just not to look too spoiled or rotten. That's why tpf is such a great place since everyone here loves bags.
  7. Oh yeah, I get the 'you're crazy' as well. :P

    Funny thing is I never asked, and they comment anyway.
  8. There's something about shoes that people accept and give positive comments about. I don't get that. :confused1:
  9. i get this from my mom. the thing is that i spend my own money so i dont think she really should have an opinion on the matter.

    haha, i know how u feel. :P
  10. Same here. I hear that all the time when random people find out about my bags even though I try my best to keep a low profile and have never asked for their opinion. Sometimes people can get rude and say harsh things to me but I just let it pass because if I didn't I might retort, "You're just jealous! Haha!" But that won't be that nice, would it?:P
  11. I remember one time I had an auction for a pink Hermes kelly frozen on my computer monitor. It wasn't intended for my boss, but he saw the asking price of $15,000, and totally went wack. :nuts: Then the other sales associates came in to my office to check it out. Oh my....I was the laughing stock that day. :P Then the earful from those who don't understand. :P
  12. They ARE jealous! I work in a office with a few men whose wife's stay at home (nothing wrong with that, in my opinion it's harder sometimes than having a job!) So most of the time, they have no idea what bag I'm carrying, but sometimes they'll see a Chanel label or something and make comments... "how can you afford that bag and live in Mahattan?!"

    My response is "my wife (really husband) works!!" DH is an attorney...they think about for a min a realize what I'm saying, even with living in NYC, we have 2 incomes. It's still totally absurd!!
  13. when i took chanel mini flap out on Fri night i received these looks :wtf:
    this is from friends who already know that i have a bag 'thing' ...
    but they have all given up scolding me ... now, the girls i work with, thats a different story. They all have fakes and dont understand it when a NAP box arrives and they see the real thing. I mean, they think its nice but they look at me like im slightly pathetic.
  14. OMG, that is crazy. You guys are all describing what I am dreading after my first Chanel purchase. I know my associates in San Diego are going to say it's about time since they already call me Ms Chanel because of how into fashion I am. Once I get an actual Chanel bag they are going to get even worse. When I travel to our Corporate office in the bay area, that's when the comments are really going to get bad. They already say I am too concerned and spend too much time on watching the latest trends on makeup, jewelry, fashion, modeling, etc... so my new Chanel bag will be there cherry on the cake. That's why I love tpf, this is where I plan on venting when they all start giving me s__t. At least we have each other!! :heart:
  15. How is that logical? Handbags are one of the sanest fasion purchases you can make- they don't wear out like shoes and aren't unwearable next season like most "fashion" clothing. If you ever tire of them they'll be worth a lot more for reale than similarly-priced shoes or clothing.