Chanel girl diggin LV-Good place to buy?

  1. Hello LVuittonistas! I have been admiring the LV's for a while and am looking for a good place to get my first one. I need something that I can take to school everyday, with my checkbook, palm, phone card wallet and my ipod. Oh and lip gloss and small mirror. Obviously I'm obsessed with the Richard Prince :nuts: as are most everyone else I see is, but don't wanna spend that much for my first one. I've never seen a LV up close IRL. I don't think there are any stores around here, as far as I know. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Love you crazy guys! :girlsigh:
  2. *wave* nice to see you in LV too! I depend heavily on eLux,, or our club house for IRL model pix. Since you are in TN, elux is out b/c u will get dinged w/tax. Does TN have any Saks, NM or LV boutique?
  3. ps, if you need help narrow down on which bag to get, I'd sugget start from Price->Line(mono, vernis etc)->handheld/shoulder/tote to come up w/final 2 or 3, then do a poll if you can't decide which is better.
  4. No Saks or NM, but I'm still searching around to see about LV boutiques. There aren't any that I know of though.
  5. it's even better if there's no Saks/NM, if you call to have their LV ship to you, it will be tax free :yes:
  6. Yeah I'm thinking I might just do that
  7. Keep in mind NM only take their credit card or Amex, Saks takes all major credit card. please share pix when you get it :yes:
  8. Oh thanks! I will definitely. I wish there were a store where I could actually go and see one IRL. Ooooh, ya know what?!!! I just remembered that I'm going to San Diego for a pharmacy conference so I bet I could def find a place there. Yipee! :woohoo:
  9. Theres a Louis Vuitton store in Nashville (I used to live there) in Green Hills. You could go there and see stuff IRL, or if you decide without seeing IRL, you can call them and do a charge-send over the phone, they are all very nice, its a great store! Good luck!
  10. I am flying out of Nashville and coming back there to spend a few days with my best friend so maybe I'll be able to go look while I'm there, lol as long as he doesn't harass me about it.
  11. I think that for your first just must go to a store in person. Whether that means a road trip or going to one when you are in San Diego.....ya just gotta go touch and feel to decide. Good Luck deciding :tup:.
  12. Yes, I also love the LV at green hills (im in nashville). All the SA's there are really easy to work with, and they tend to have a lot of LE stuff lying around.
  13. There no lv in my state and I used forum and their webpage too.

    So what limited edition are in that boutique?
  14. please let us know what you decide on for your first! :yes: