Chanel Gift Card Question

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  1. Hi Everyone-
    I received a $400 Chanel gift card as a Xmas gift. I went both Manhattan stores and didn't find any purse styles that I wanted. Honestly, I've seen several on Ebay which interest me more. Does anyone know of an Ebay seller who would take a gift card as partial payment? Odd question, I know...but it doesn't hurt to ask. Thanks!
  2. Best if you would ask that question to the ebay seller.
  3. ^ I agree. On another note, I've seen alot of giftcards on ebay sell for the actual value of the card (I've even seen some go above it-I'm not sure why?!). You'll have to check with Ebay because I know they have limits on the amount on a gift card that you can list (possibly no more than $200), but maybe you could have them split it up to two gift cards and try there as a LAST resort, then spend the money on a bag on Ebay. Just a thought...