Chanel Gabrielle

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  1. Hi everyone. I am pretty new to this forum and have a question. I am currently thinking to buy the Chanel Gabrielle in Small size (not a Hobo) but still wondering if it is too late to buy it. Would this bag go out of trend anytime soon? Thank you and I hope to get some input on this!
  2. From someone who bought and sold two of them, I don’t recommend it. The leather on the base is absurdly thin and scuffs easily. The zipper and structure of the bag make it so that putting your hand in and out will scratch your hand, every single time. I loved the look, but it’s a passing trend. You could probably find them on a pre-loved site at a decent price.
  3. Thank you so much for your comments. I really like the look of it but there is something with it that I can make my mind to purchase. I really appreciate your input
  4. I don’t like that bag at all especially the bottom it looks like menstrual pad
  5. I bought the Gabrielle bag (large size) to use as a travel day bag, against all of my friends' advice (they all think it's ugly). I was shocked at how easily scuffed that base became after a week of sightseeing, and I hadn't been particularly hard on the bag (never put on the flooror under my seat or dropped or anything!).

    I have no regrets buying it, but it's definitely a polarizing bag. My friends will unabashedly tell me "Bring a nice bag for dinner. NOT Gabby." :lol: I don't see it being as classic as a Boy, or maybe even a 19. But if you like it and it makes you happy, then buy it! (At least the small size, while impractical from a storage standpoint, is also less bulky, so you can enjoy the lovely two-tone hardware without the heft of the chunky base, etc.).
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  6. I have many CFs and the Gabrielle Small is my first none Classic bag and I LOVE it to pieces!! I bought this and the Chanel 19 in Small last year and I love both equally. Since then I rarely reach for my CFs except for the Square Mini. It gives my wardrobe an instant lift! It holds all my essentials. I like wearing it different ways as well. I do not baby any of my bags and I have zero issues with base getting scratched. I also do not have any issues getting in and out of the bag perhaps bc I’m petite with small hands. For me it’s a stunning bag, casual enough for everyday but different enough that it’s still special. I wear what I love and I don’t care if others like them or if they are classic or trendy. So if it sparks joy for you get it. If you’re second guessing then move on. So many others bags to love!
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  7. I think it's a bag you either love or hate. It wasn't a bad I fell in love with at first, but the more and more I see people style it and the more I see the bag, I am starting to really love it. I think it's one of those bags where it grows on you. I am not a person to follow trends, as long as the bag looks good and works for me.

    As long as it works for you and you think it will work for your lifestyle, get it girl ! :heart: It's definitely on my wishlist to get :biggrin:
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  8. Thank you so much. I think I will go for it!!
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  9. Thanks so much for your input!
  10. I absolutely hated the bag when it first came out but I was unhappy with the Chanel mini bags (too small) and I already had my classic flaps. The more I looked at the Gabrielle in photos and videos the more I started to appreciate the diversity of it. There are at least 7-8 ways to wear it and it comes in great colorways. Yeah, it can get scuffs but so can any other leather bag. It doesn't matter and mine has actually stayed just fine. I am VERY happy with it now and it has a unique look and style. Plus it holds more than the minis. I would buy it pre-loved though and never pay its full price.
  11. I got a small last year and I love it to pieces! I love how (comparatively) low-key it is because the logo is on the zipper pull so it's not necessarily on display all the time, but the multiple chains makes it look so edgy and gives it a bit of flash.

    The bottom does scuff, but I don't think it's as delicate as some of the response above might make it seem because I took it traveling and after all it's been though, it's pretty minor. Plus some of the very minor scuffs self heals a bit over time (at least mine did). It doesn't bother me at all since I don't plan to sell it.

    As for going out of style, I don't think it will be an it-bag forever but I also don't think it'll go out of style to the point where you feel out-dated carrying it either. The bag might look a bit weird, but it's pretty much just a boxy shoulder bag with chain straps, so it has a very classic spirit, especially with how much more structured the top part in the small size is.
  12. Hated it when it first came out but love it now. I have two! I would say one of my favourite Chanel bags.i have one in leather and 1 in tweed. Just have to be careful when use it. Love the chains !
  13. I didn‘t like it at first too but found that it‘s an interesting unconventional bag.

    Then I went to the boutique and my SA brought me a so black medium one. I tried it on and my husband, my SA and I were like ‘yep, that looks great‘. The so black hardware does look particularly great on the Gabrielle. Very understated. I ended up buying it and still like it a lot.

    Looking at pictures doesn‘t work, you need to try it out and see whether it works for you.
  14. I love the Gabby and it's so different from the CF. I love playing with ways to wear....

    Here is an example where I wore it as a belt bag. It's the 19s iridescent beige with pink undertones.

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