Chanel furniture? *Updated w/ PICS!!!*

  1. I was walking through teh furniture dep't at my local NM Last Call yesterday when I saw this GORGEOUS 3-pc set - inclouding a sofa, chair and ottoman. . .
    I was strangely attracted to it adn I was slowing figuring out why. . .
    it was quilted and a perfect shade of camel.

    As it was dawning on me, I saw the sign. . . "Chanel" I about faint in the aisle!:love:

    It was actually affordable, the ottoman was large about 2' 3.5 feet and was $600:nuts: , can't remember the other prices but they were affordable {well afforadble IMO}.

    Have y'all ever seen or sat on Chanel furniture?

    I'm DYING to go back and get that ottoman, you can always use an ottoman!:lol:
  2. OMG! thanks for sharing!
  3. :wtf: Now that ottoman would be good use of my money for that price. I'm going to spend more than that on my clutch!:lol:
  4. I have a NM last call here in Maryland, I'm going to try and go this week to see if they have any.
  5. OMG! So Jealous - my NM last call never has anything good like that. . .and I'm seriously in need of a new sofa and chair. I can only imagine how gorgeous they were!
  6. Chanel furniture? That's cool:yes:
  7. it was GORGEOUS!!!:yes:
  8. That sounds beautiful. You should definately get it. Bags and furniture - my two passions!
  9. ^yeah, I have a soft spot for furniture too. . .
    I'm dying for that stinkin' otto!!!
    Maybe on my way to NM tomorrow I can stop by Last CAll!
    I hate for it to be one of those things that haunts me. . . KWIM?
  10. Wow, sounds beautiful! Go for it Swanky!
  11. Wow Swanky, that sounds gorgeous thank you for sharing with us. Do you think there is any way next time you there or if you but you could take some pics. I would love to see them. This is so exciting, you could have your whole living room decked out in Chanel.

    elongreach...which clutch do you plan on buying??
  12. ^I'll throw my camera in my bag tomorrow just in case I go buy! {ooops, I mean 'go by!'}LMBO!
  13. :lol: Right, we know it was the first one.:lol:
  14. OMG! I've never seen the furniture but it sounds lovely. And for that price... you need an ottoman! Our bags cost more than that. Amazing! :smile:

  15. When it haunts you...that's when you know you MUST buy it!! :yes: