Chanel fund target met ... But how to find my heart's desire.

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  1. Well, after months of saving and selling some much-loved Mulberrys, I finally have enough in my little money box to head off in search of my HG bag, the So Black Jumbo. I know I am going to really struggle to find one and could kick myself for not getting the Chanel bug earlier. I am tempted to just go ahead and get a lamb jumbo flap ShW instead but I don't want to do this and then the So Black reappears. What to do ....? Your thoughts would be very welcome.
  2. I would wait. If the so black is what your heart desires...... They may release it again. Or there maybe random ones that pop up again like they did in the past few months. Post what you are looking for in the desperately looking for thread under the shopping and keep your eyes peeled on the authentic finds thread....
  3. Wait for what u truly want :smile:
  4. Keep your eye on the target! If So Black is what you will bound to pop up eventually :smile:
  5. I will certainly do that. I hope I get lucky!
  6. I'd wait.

    Rumor is black on black hw will show up in act 2 but it's going to be patent leather

    We shall see!!
  7. I will wait with bated breath... Although if I'm honest patent is not really for me but never say never!
  8. I have to applaud you for saving up to get what u want. It will be so precious when u lay your hands in it. You work hard and save hard for it!!! Hooray

    My advise is to wait for it to pop up and check here in this forum. That's how many got the intel for So Black.

    I am keeping my fingers crossed too for a So Black but in medium size.
  9. Definitely wait. I know how frustrating it can be to have to wait, but trust me nothing else will satisfy your So Black craving. If you buy the SHW jumbo you will still have the So Black on your list. I've had to wait for two years to get a certain bag (non-Chanel) and am currently waiting and hoping that a Chanel bag I want will pop up but it's worth the wait. Fingers crossed for us both.
  10. You are of course So Right. I will wait for my So Black. I did indeed save very hard. No little treats and spur of the moment purchases. And of course selling 4 other bags! I was very focused.
  11. Thank you for your wise words. Haven't we all been there? The make-do never quite hits the spot. Yes, fingers crossed for us.
  12. I would wait for what you truly want :smile:
  13. I just hope my will-power holds out ...!
  14. better to wait for what you want. if you spend on something else, you will still want the first thing!
    never settle!
  15. Hi CPrincess! Usually over on the M side but strayed over here last year ... I know you have too! I know you're right but I am going to Manchester with hubby next Thursday and we all know what's inside Selfridges ....