Chanel from seasons past.

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  1. Hello Chanel lovers! As someone who can't really afford to buy brand new Chanel (yet), I find buying things a few years old is just as exciting. After all, this stuff is classic! I have a beautiful caviar leather bag about 7 yrs. old and I also got my eyeglasses from a few seasons back. I've just bought the quilted black leather bracelet with gold cc's on it (c. 1997) from a lady in N.Y. I can't wait to receive it, as I've coveted this for awhile. Does anyone else shop like this?:smile:
  2. After the recent a rumored future price increases, I will be doing the same as well! I've been wanting to buy a jumbo flap, but hesitate buying a new one at $2300+. I'd rather buy an vintage jumbo at this rate...I think the older Chanel purses are better made, and I appreciate the old-school look much more.
  3. Here, here on buying pre-loved purses. A plus to buying a used Chanel and that is since it's been used, I don't feel afraid to jump in and use it. If it's new, there's always that oh what if I get dirt on it. Just be sure to always ask our special group of authenticators their opinion. Better safe than really sorry.

    I'm not saying I'd never buy another new Chanel, but the chances of doing so are pretty slim -- thanks to the ever increasing price hikes. (Take that to your bank, corporate Chanel!!)
  4. If you like vintage pieces, where do you buy them?

    I'm always afraid to buy things on eBay because I'm never sure of the authenticity of the seller and the bags, and in vintage stores I can never find good Chanels, if any.

    Any ideas?
  5. Hi. I do a lot of research on any ebay sellers I may use, and depend on the help of this very forum! The bag I bought on ebay was actually sold to me by a purse forum member with amazing feedback on ebay, so I felt confident buying it. I can't remember her user name. So there are trusted sellers of vintage pieces, you just have to be very careful.:tup:
  6. re: wonderful vintage Chanel bags (and some just a few years old) PM me! in my town there is a TDF consignment shop which is very high end and has won the "Best Consignment Shop" in the city for the last several years..........everything there is authentic....clotheswise they carry Chanel, Pucci, etc., and the Chanel bags are TDF...................the shop also outfitted Sarah Jessica for a couple of shows of SATC, about 5 years back..................
    PM me if interested, you can call the owner and get descriptions from her and def. say i referred you!

  7. I totally prefer to buy pre-loved becasue even though i can afford the real thing, I prefer to have 2 vintage pieces since the style has remained fairly similar with regards to the classic flaps. So for classic flaps I would totally buy vintage in good condition but if I really wanted something new season and it was selling out I'd prob pay for the full-price new item if i could afford it.
  8. I would totally buy pre-owned pieces that are authentic. I just bought my first Chanel, a new black GST with silver h/w, but am now looking for a pre-owned Jumbo flap in Navy Lambskin with silver chain. In case anyone knows of one *L*
  9. I love pre-owned Chanel - vintage or not. Simply b/c I prefer a gently worn bag with age (not unlike myself!!). I've bought approx 15 Chanel bags off Ebay and only had authenticity issues with two. I love all my babies and especially love that they had a life before me.

    if you take the plunge, make sure you use the authenticity thread and research the sellers! Good luck!