Chanel French Purse

  1. i saw this woman at work who had a chanel french purse or at least what it appreared to be, it was white cc's on black with pink interior i want it!!! i need it!!!! but does it exsit??? also post pics if you can!!!

    Thanks In Advance:smile:
  2. :yes::yes::yes:
    sounds like the cambon!
  3. yes!!! thanks for the photos they were exactly what i was talking about!!!!
  4. You are very welcome! White CC's on black is harder to find because it has been discontinued. If you look/call around you might be able to still find one. Or if someone in the forum knows where you could find one, they will let you know. The ones that are still currently being sold are the black patent c's on black and the beige on beige. good luck!
  5. I believe retail on the cambon french purse is around $500. I saw a few of them at my Neiman Marcus here in San Diego. Give Mariela a call at 619-692-9100.