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  1. hi ladies

    im new on here, and just want to say hi to everyone- and especialy u chanel addicts like myself- I own at least 12 chanel bags , maybe more, ive lost count. I have may other types of designer bags but chanel is my drug of choice--lol
    Latlely ive been on the search for a vintage black lamskin leather flap bag from chanel- i want the extra large. i think its 13x9 give or take. I also want to purchase a 100 % crocodile or alligator handbag-- any ideas where i can find one that will mail it to me at a good price? It can be any brand.
  2. ^^ I believe there is a vintage lambskin jumbo on eBay right now, Im also after one lol :biggrin: they are gorgeous!
  3. i seen that- but i dont like ordering from eBay-- never done it before-- do people ever get scammed or not get the goods?
  4. I know how you feel, im kinda put off eBay too. But i guess we could always post it in the authenticate it thread :biggrin: the tpf ladies are great at helping identify fakes.

    If you are going to buy off ebay, its best to buy using a cc through paypal so if a situation arises you can file disputes e.t.c
  5. welcome! I'd love to see a picture of your collection!!!
  6. Welcome~~
    I, too, would love to see your collection~!
  7. Welcome to tPF:smile:

    chanel makes the most gorgeous alligator flap:love: but if you want something that is fairly priced. maybe you can check Nancy Gonzalez. they make lovely crocodile bags too;)

  8. I have a fake up in my closet right now & am going thru hell trying to get my money back, I used my bank account to pay for it, so it's not looking good for me.
    Just be careful.

  9. sorry to hear this...I also went through hell some years back., got scammed big time on of all things, Chanel which I thought i knew something about.....won't do Ebay anymore....and if I ever did, definitely would depend our authenticity ladies who are so good at spotting fakes....:heart:H
  10. First of all, welcome to the chanel family!

    Based on my experience with ebay, i have bought two vintage lambskin jumbo from there (but different sellers) and they are authentic bags. However, if you aren't sure abt the authenticity, u can always post it at "AUTHENTICATE THIS" thread for more assurance.

    I love the vintage jumbo, it's lovely and i used her almost everyday for work at that time (but now i do not have these bags since i've sold both of them to fund for other bags...LOL)
  11. Hello and welcome!
    I saw two exotic cerfs (green and the other one in orange) afew weeks ago at Heathrow :smile:
  12. hi

    how do i get pics on here?:okay:- ide be more than happy to show u my collection of chanel bags
  13. there's a paperclip icon on the top of your menu bar when you click on "Post Reply" we prefer you to use that to attach photos.
  14. <P>
    <P>ok i see that- thank u very much-- all i need to do now is get pics taken of my collection</P>
    <P><IMG alt=0 src="" border=0 smilieid="123"></P>