Chanel Frankfurt - any one?

  1. i have been wanting to get a chanel for a very long time- i started off by wanting to get a casual day wear bag but then i got a gucci indy for that purpose...
    lately i have seen a couple of women wearing amazing chanel evening bags- i think one was a black silver east west flap (if thts wht its called) and one was in dull gold ...

    my brother is off to germany for a textile exhibition i have made as much research as i can whihc im afraid is only the address of chanel in frankfurt - i am wondering if anyone has any idea what kind of bags they ususlay have and if anyone has been there recently as to what they ave instor right now?!

    also is possible that i email them and they send the name of the bags (evening) they have or is it too much to be asked frm a sales person??

    also do tell of any experiences there and preferred SA??

    thnk u in advance

    the address i found is...
    Goethestr. 10, 60313 Frankfurt, Germany
    +49 69 21930797
  2. Amna they usually bring in a lot of bags and they 're pretty updated.I haven't been there recently but they are usually very slow in responding to e-mails, their service is rather disappointing too...
    What I'd suggest you do is to call them first and tell them when your brother is going to be there and ask them for their e-mail to describe to them the bags you want to order :it's better to e-mail them the code and a pic of the bag! maybe this will work! Good luck!
  3. thanks alot im gonna email them now - hopefully theyll respond soon ! :smile:
  4. ok i called them and they had hardly ANY TIME to listen to me - the women is like its so full here that i cant help you today many ppl are sick hmmm...

    so i told her to send me a list of the names of bags that she had - and then shes like we only have codes so im like well u obviously KNOW! the names right ... and then im explaingin its like medium caviar etc... so shes like oh ok but how ill u se the bags..

    so im like on the web and shes like we dont have all the bags on the site we have some NEWER bags tht are not even on the website.. so im like well ill browse it ans shes like where.. i donno y i felt uncomfortable telling her tpf:smile: OFCOURSE!


    so she said she'll try and email me tommorow - so well im waiting - when she does send me tht info i will need loads of help understanding which bags she means.. lol i hope u all are ready for it lol :biggrin: and hopefully i will get my first chanel bag (evening) courtesy my LOVELY brother -

    also i wnderin which bags shes talking abt tht are not even ont he website...

    ok me off now my sister in law in the labour room lol - so some of that good news as well
  5. Is your brother flying direct to Frankfurt? If he's going via London Heathrow, another possibility is the Chanel boutiques at Heathrow (there is one in Terminal 3 and one in Terminal 4, I believe).
  6. hi everyone,

    im going to Frankfurt in a few days..
    and looking for some classic bags(Jumbo or Maxi)

    anyone know what they have in stores now in Frankfurt?

    Thanks in Advance! :biggrin:
  7. I actually had a great experience with the Frankfurt Store. I live in the northern part of Germany and the next chanel Store is hours away. I was desperatly searching a Green chevron. After locating one in Barcelona, she made some calls and got the Purse to Germany for me. She was very considerate and super nice, so I hope erverything Works out for you OP :smile:
  8. Does anyone know if the 2 Chanel bags per passport per month applies to foreign shopper in Frankfurt as well? Also is there a SA that I could liaise with on the stock availability?
  9. Bumping this thread up...I'll be heading to Germany later this year and just wondering if it's better to shop at the Berlin store or the Frankfurt one? Which is better in terms of size and stock availability?

    I'll be going to Berlin, then to Frankfurt, which is my last stop. My plan now is to go to the Frankfurt one, but I don't want to be return home empty handed should there be no stock! :cry: So should I just go to the one in Berlin, and if there is no stock, I still have Frankfurt to count on?

    Could any kind soul advise? :wondering
  10. I have to say that at least in my experience, Berlin is better stocked and seems to get more merchandise. Also the SAs are much nicer there. I would call ahead though and just ask for what you are looking for and then decide.
  11. Oh, just another thing - all the classics will already have the new increased price, unfortunately.
  12. Thank you very much for your reply, Ninchen!

    Yup I expect to pay the increased price, as even after the increase, it's cheaper than buying in Singapore PRE-increase. I just hope that there won't be another increase so soon as I'm only going there end of the year. =/
  13. hello! DO you still have the email of Chanel Frankfurt? May I have it please so I can make a reservation. Thanks.