Chanel for when you're in a rush

  1. hey ladies... other than the medallion and the cerf tote, are there any other tote/shoulder chanel bags you may suggest that is good for running out the door? i have a Balenciaga work bag which is great for carrying EVERYTHING for my three kids, but i'm looking for a Chanel equivalent for when i'm in running around and just need to throw stuff in a bag, including a couple of diapers. no baby formula involved.

    would you suggest the Coco Cabas? is it easy to find in NYC now?
  2. Have you looked at grand shopping?
  3. i've seen the grand shopping, but find it too square. i like floppier bags.
  4. Luxury ligne tote, vintage ligne tote, Modern chain?
  5. I would go for the grand shopper as well. You should reconsider maybe try it on......... I have not seen the Coco in person. I think it depends how you like your thing in it. If I had the Coco I think I would loose everything because I am not tidy!
  6. Hello. I have the Chanel Cabas in black Caviar leather and I love it!! It's not a "high maintanence" bag meaning it is made of a distressed black leather and can handle the wear and tear. You won't have to worry about ruining it. It is an everyday kind of leather. That said, I get a lot of comments about how awesome this bag is!!! We can't sacrifice the fashion now can we? Fits a LOT of stuff!! Even all of the baby items. It almost a large hobo and not structured, like some of the other chanel bags. Definitely a great bag!!!! Hope that helps. :yes:
  7. The modern chain tote would be nice.
  8. I would go for the large bucket Cambon bag. I use it exactly as you describe above. Have it with me today!!
  9. The VIntage Ligne East West Tote. It's just like the tote {I'll attach a pic} but wider and REALLY fabulous!!!

    *ooops, named it wrong thing - edited/corrected it!
  10. ^^actually another that i love is the vintage ligne tote that Swanky has pictured above.
  11. I agree with this.:yes:
  12. i called the 800# and the SA said the coco cabas is not being sold anymore. she didn't even help me find out what stores had them left. is it true that there's none left?

    is there anything similar to the hobo style of the cabas? b/c the SA said there wasn't, and she didn't give any advice of getting something else. um, aren't SAs supposed to help?
  13. that's not really an SA at the 800#. I'm sure she checked the computer and saw that there's no stock of them, they're mostly sold out. Your best bet is waiting lists and dept' stores.
  14. I love my Black Cloudy Bundle N/S tote. I love Balenciaga leather (smooshiness of it) and was going to get a Black Day but once I got the Cloudy Bundle, it fit all the things about the Day that I liked (and more). The difference is that it has two very comfortable straps (and cost twice as much but it is worth it). It has a really nice sheen (looks very rich) and doesn't scream Chanel (aside from the toggle pull with the small double CC dangling at the bottom). I'd seen comments around this bag indicating that some thought it was too puffy, but it is far from puffy (image of a 'ski coat'). It is quilted but just soft and smooshy rich calfskin, not rigid or 'puffy' looking at all. It tucks up under your arm very nicely and lays against your side similar to how the Day does. You can pull the toggle but I never do (magnetic snap closure to it). I am so glad that I had one sent to me to take a look at because once I did, I decided to keep it and return the Square Vintage ligne N/S tote (which does resemble a puffy Ski coat now that I've seen the difference in leathers and style). I use it as my everyday bag just as I would a Day Bbag. It has a simple, effortless chic look about it. Good luck in your hunt for the perfect tote.
  15. Hey G!!!! Where ya been!? :search: