Chanel for NYE-show us your outfits! Inspired by ldldb!

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  1. Soooooooooooooo seeing Larky's lovely outfits everyday is the thread, I thought it would be fun to see everyone's NYE outfits with their Chanel goodies!

    I'll go first
    My outfit is a boring little black dress, with my Chanel Modern Chain flap, Chanel earrings and my new Manolos

    Closeup of earrings

    Closeup of shoes

    Closeup of purse
  2. hehe fun idea! i will post mine soon!! i'll probably be wearing a LBD too LOL!
  3. Your shoes and earrings are 2die4. Can you tell me where you purchased them from?
  4. Yay! Can't wait to see!
  5. i love your NYE ensemble ferociousjeanne! we could be twinkies--i have your shoes and bag, lol! i wish i could get a better pic of your dress but i know it's hard to photograph black clothes!
  6. Awwwwww thanks!

    I got them both at Saks. The earrings are new from the cruise collection I believe and the shoes were actually marked down to $499 and then included in the 40-50% off sale too! :heart:
  7. I'll take that as a HUGE compliment! Here's a pic I stole off the white house black market website of the dress
  8. ^ awww so cute!! i love the wrap idea, it's so DvF! hehe, i'll post mine soon. it's really hard to capture the true beauty of a black dress!
  9. The outfit looks so cute.Great idea :tup:
  10. Love those shoes! They suit the bag very well!!

    I'll be posting soon today!
  11. ferociousjeanne, great idea for a thread!! i love those shoes. they look so comfy!! i love your purse too. so gorgeous!! (hope you don't mind, borrowed your thread idea for the bal forum!)
  12. FJ: Very nice pieces. Great shoes and your feet look great modeling them. Would love to see you modeling the outfit (hint, hint). Appreciate you stepping up to the plate and sharing as it's truly a smile.
  13. I'm invited to my friend's house on Monday, so I'll show you what I'll be wearing, and please help me pick the watch and earrings!

    This is a chiffon top by Roberto Cavalli, I'll wear it with a long black silk skirt:


    Detail pic:


    Mariella Burani shoes:


    Chanel Bag


    Help me pick a watch: Chopard - Piaget - Chopard Pushkin


    And which earings??


  14. queen, your choices are gorgeous!!
    i would go for the watch in the middle, goes with the rest of your jewelery especially since your dress is black. :smile:
  15. I also like the watch in the middle (Piaget for contrast to black) and the smaller earrings!