Chanel for my birthday?

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  1. Ladies,

    I need your advice!! The love of my life wants me to send him a wish list of items I want for my bday - and that includes a Chanel to add to my collection, of course. :smile: I need some advice from you all. I am thinking of having him get me the classic black quilted leather bag, since I do not have any Chanel in my life yet. I also love the Chanel bag Jason gave LC (I think it's the large shopper...? Not 100% sure...). Please let me know if you guys have any suggestions. I want him to get me something more classy than trendy so I can use it forever.... let me know what you all think.

    Many thanks! :smile:

    PS -- Could you please also list prices of the bags if known. Thank you!! :smile:
  2. Try looking in the chanel reference library. They have different styles along with prices. The one LC received was the medallion.
  3. ^^^I agree. LOTS to drool over in there!!!
  4. the bag jason gave LC is the medallion tote. you should try to stop by a boutique or dept. store by tomorrow and get it before the price increase.
  5. but them both down on your wishlist, incase if he can't get his hand on this he might get you the other. =)
  6. if you have only one chanel, get the classic flap!
  7. i suggest a classic flap! you lucky girl!!!
  8. Lucky girl! :smile: I'd suggest the classic flap as a starter! I took a look at the Medallion today in a boutique, and it is more casual (at least IMO) than a classic flap, if you want to go for that.